I guess we’ll just start with the life story of Jaiwoen and Marjorie.

But that would mean the core isn’t even in transit.

I can assure you their entire story and your entire lives have been a waste of time.

The same with Silvia Blackstone.

Their debts are simply Inherited.

And now your worried about me making things more even.

No this started in 2006 when I was 30 Years Old.

OH OK It’s Broken.

The Missing Link from WWE was from A.D. 1303

No still quite sure they never paid Corsica.

Oh My God I Just Watched The Movie The Abyss.

What’s your latest decision Maicie? The Fruit of the Last Brigade. I thought it made its way to the heads of the Three Rings.

Love Park.

You know what movie I like The Untouchables.

No I said The Olympics have been illegal since day one because of Yemen there’s a price to pay.

Nintendo was between 400-450 A.D.

ING’s older.

Alright well it’s looks like we found a 40th with the Digger. Can’t believe Noam was Keyed In on this part. Outrageous.

How could there be 68,000,000 Celestials without the rebirth of 680,000,000,000 Trillion Non Celestials Without A Claim To Their Birth.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This flight wasn’t even Bonded he’s not my friend.

The One Phone oh yea guys hold on a second I’m looking at this Easter Island Project go Side Saddle. There’s a Dividend on Nokia right? No ok sorry. I read your Form 20-F I don’t see Shares Outstanding. So who wants your product again? Just Mommy so you can tell her where you Work?

I think there was A Constitution App that you can find in Hanzo in Dragon.

Paul’s Data Chart.

Ok Guys, you know I own Caterpillar, and Raytheon and always wanted to Participate In A Stock Only Investment Show; The Startup London Real Knows This. The guy (Brian Rose) is so Even Keel I know they’ll do well. Maybe I’ll update this but here’s where I am for this month; maybe update this Next Year. I’m currently at 20% Bonds.

The Bond Market is Interesting. I have Money Market Bonds, you know that back up those Certificates of Deposit. But I also have unique Insurance Bonds so a Banker can’t just walk out of work with all that money. Try Me.

Can I tell The Truist I want to keep my next Bank in my Smart Bucks.

NEED – Wynn Casinos 90% – Better Than Hotels?

You know who looked like Real Alien Steve Buscemi sharing Black leave in with Mantec Chia like it’s Louis Prima Night in Paris. 🐍Guess he lives in a Gated World or something out of control.

I thought you were going to tell me India has Computers and they love Evil Knievel just like you do.

I think The Jungle Book being about India is Labor Related.

He says to me I’ve Been Working The Overnight Shifts In Radio Since Before You Were Born.
Save Money, follow your Heart.
You made a good decision.

I mean this story is kind of Rich. They purchased all new furniture from Van de Velde. I was 10 Years old at the time, had Nothing to do with it. But they owed so much on the Corenthean Leather Offices they were out of Business the first day they sat down. The completion of this story is at the end of the blog.

This one belongs to mé, it’s so Turtle Island means they have to walk through the Sands Of Time for An Eternity Coast to Coast. 🤗 I don’t even give second chances to The Tudor Period because of Corsica. Never Will. 🤗

Whoa Ho Ho.

Even though Jon “I don’t like Dianzue at all” Stewart ruined all the sealife in the oceans and my relationship with the British. He still admitted he would thrillkill the Chinese with his Cocu. – Imus In The Morning 8/1/2016.

Imagine. 🦉

However, what doesn’t change is my facination with Halloween and what became of it now that we’re looking at 652 Years of Darkness and Counting.

It’s simply once a Year.

But how can I not admit to myself that Sir. Gordan Ramsay is an Executive Chef and did Isolate the exact same scene that I did but still would have been my friend once I made it to the top and would have talked to me about it.

-Phillip Troy Rívera when he walked into The Chrysler Building. – Once A Year.

MY Blog is entitled.

If the Globe on top of Atlas had Layers.

Do you speak English? Well the Gold to Silver Ratio is the Highest than it’s ever been in History. So if your Conservative this is how you should start saving. I Did! 40% Of My Income For Four Years! Yes Physical Silver Bullion! I LOVE Waiting! I bought in at $14.50 – $16.50 an Ounce got scared pulled out and I plan to NEVER sell It! I know I’m BORING!

Most people leave Mothballs behind when they’re Evicted. Photo Courtesy: The Midwest Wanderer no he drove there.