1980 is a Showcase.

The United States Constitution Is A Battleship.

No it all happened under the Dome Of The Rock.

Thought I should recognize you because it hasn’t been fun or profitable.


Who is that Singing to us From Gods House In Rome.

I don’t have enough screens for that.

Kircher Solar Seems Stressful I’m Buying Northwest Natural Holding Co.


There was never an Italian and nothings being Chiseled or Imported there was never even an Appetizer Sampler Not One Time.

I’m looking over my shoulder and I Just Want To Say…Hi I’m Val.

Before you take it too far every year at my birthday I would ask myself if I was good.

My Brother Mike is so Aboriginal in who he accepts as His Savior. I Just Don’t Know.

I thought Bazooka Joe Comics were a camp and everybody talked to each other.

Now it’s 1980 and everyone has been thrust into Perdition.

He didn’t Get Gay and he wasn’t Well Liked.

So since you’re from 1980 this is a Tutorial to help you build that Mob Farm and Cave Base you were looking for in Heaven.

I’m at London Real Studios and I’m pushing my Index Finger into My Scrotum All Slack Jawed for For What Becomes.

Shifting Gears a Little Bit we’re finally going to take you guys away from Proxima B and back to The Quarry.

1983 that’s Fantastic.


And I’m Right. Questioning AliPays Sense Of Loyalty…

I told Jimmy Barnes I had a Bad Dream about Masterman Academy.

But Mariana is in Jubilee at the time of this Payne of Jubilee Within The Payne…I Know. And Soon We’ll Both Know.

Alright I found Ad Flour of Sbersk. ๐Ÿ’ฐ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

So I’m just going buy The Discover Card Company and give up on Crop Circles.

That guy is The Vanguard to Be Seen.

Then 1980 wanted to see French Chocolate.

Then meanwhile Kevin Hart feels like Love might be the Answer.

Joe Rogan was in on one of his earliest deals and started Falling Through The Apocolypse.

Pandora by Busan.

#Glastnost See it through Mr. Rogers eyes for all I fucking care you Deadbeat. He was born in The Real World As Chine. And I’m Chino. And he sought American Justice.

After Chino Marino.

I need Lazaretto as The Tampa Bay Aristocrats Just Look See And Feel Skin Like The Real Alexander Costa He Wants Earth Someday Or Any Earth Would Do.

I’ll keep an eye on The Alexandrian Flame.

I must have Annihilated Them In A Holy War I Don’t See Anything.

In 1980 they thought they could be The Illuminati. My Granmom as Dr. Spock…

We’ll start again with Bubba…

They can Be Seen.

Kircher Solar Until You’re Babylon And Not India.

What came before the 1500’s? God.

The girl Tyler was with was just the Tip Of The Iceberg of the Lowest Common Denenomator.

Key & Peele are from New Guinea.

There was kind of a Listlessness with Steve-O and Clown College and this Other Crucifixion.

Turns out Tyler was Keegan Michael Key then he immediately split from Jordan Peele and Got Gay with Danny Duncan in Mad Max while I was still in my Parlor.

Remember when Marcus threw that Boomerang and cut off Vinnys Fingertips.

Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God.

I just want to see what happens when they get Leveled Down inside of The Quarry. #Now

I miss Francine.

I mean what can I say to them Given The Circumstances.

So I’m Just Gonna Rock the Universe.

I think Eagle 106.1 was a Farce. But I saw Uncle Calvin as a Human In Heaven after The Apocalypse. Brother. Caj. is Mine.

That 1980 Indian Bus Footage Has A Cost.

That guy from 1980 Candyman and Dover Corporation seems Bad.

I want more than that on the taste of Grunge Sex Gods.

And get this The 1 Time I become The Angel Of Death it was The Alien from Alien and he’s now worth over $1,000,000.

I’m still waiting for A Quark Of Funny.

Oh my god. Train To Busan. Remember That Duck In Krull.

It’s Why I Always Liked Gay Guys.

Alright… Alright… well we got a new style up here that caught my eye almost immediately.

One of Limbos Goals got Ready Player 1 After Being Leveled Down.

And Paola Showed Red On MySpace.

No I still call Duke Bo The True Luke Duke because he Went Cyber.

Alright got my first Bar Buddy who wants to Tour The Styles.


Deepfakes are real and it’s a chance for all the guys to save up and be good for 2013.

If you look at Onis’ Tweets and Facebook on the day of the Leveling Down we did have lot of light mornings. #FilthyFrankTV

I already know he took the Braided Headband Off in 1941.

Who is this Frodo? He’s not Chinese.

Yea I Own I.B.M. as of Last Week…We’re getting involved in Cold Storage for Crypto to make the world a better place.

The Fire on Blackwood Wood Uses A.I. and Machine Learning for when I hate India. Just Does.

If you don’t think Uncle Calvin got to know the Real Me you know how that can be Edith.

About 4 Years of us both hating the real Onis.

You think she Squirted Magic Eraser While I Was At Kircher Solar Power Systems Don To The P?

Let me call The Usual Crybaby Suspects now before I regret it later.

Oh he picked up on one Ring enjoy 04.

He’s from 1980 let try and turn him on.

Let’s see what happens.

OH! Minecraft is Lit though Minecraft is Lit though.


Of course that’s David Copperfield in Las Vegas in 1988, but in the time of planning I chose KSI as my New Future Black then I found out he came from a real long time ago and so did Aziz Hayne. Who he pushed off a Cliff because he was Really Bryan The Mayan. So now I’ve Invested in a Silver Mine in Argentina.

Now after all these years because of Bryan The Mayan Two Hatred Became One Hatred Because I Stopped By His Office And Thought He Wasn’t That Bad Looking. Plus he had to ReWrite The Godfather. Giuseppe Scene. In 1987 as Things Fell Apart All Around Him and He Didn’t Know What To Do. Then Everybody Ran Away To And Got Leveled Down. And Now I Hate India Because Of The Tea Room. To Help India Conform To Blockchain And Then As A Bonus I Could Take A Trip There.

And of course you’ve heard of Limbo but so did Amedeaus…

Things have gotten so bad with Laura Derne they can’t pay Avitars Legal Fees.

No I’ve never heard of Welfare or Social Security.

Act Gay Be Gay.

Black men don’t provide for their families.

In a Shriveled Nutshell I was in Broadcasting School out of Pocket when Y2J logged into the Deftones White Pony Release Party and The Market Stock Market Crashed; Then I had a Staid Nationally Syndicated Radio Show. #JimBushi ๐Ÿคฃ

Who Wants To Hear More About Jim Belushi.

John Benne looks RAW in that Flavian Pick.

What are you doing in Yahwehs house.

Before the Magic Eraser. You know Bill Burrs Titanic Jokes Came Out Right Before That.


That’s It I’m Buying Discover Financial and the rights to (Discover Card).

Granpop never really drew a check from Boeing.

And neither did Anthony except for when he fell in love with John Benne. After Jay did what he did.

It’s not really to The SKZ.

We Did It!

These fucking Cowards in and around the European Union.


Or maybe you’ve heard of the Indian Chieftain that discovered The Virgin Marys body after it floated over from Spain. Or Maybe You’d Like To.

Or maybe Test Your Skill in The Die Glocke Adolph Hitlers Answer To The Game Of Thrones.

But what do you even say to that if you’re the sitting President or the Year After Year President? It’s Macron.

Ah 1968 just another Year.

Or the Best Advantage I ever gave myself.

Depends on Cabellas and Jos A. Bank ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฒ

No I Love The Ozarks but He Hated It.

I’m Feeling A Nexxus Of Steel about Ediths Magic Eraser And My High End Canadian Optician.

Like Linus Tech Tips Isn’t Curated Content. And I Showered Right Before Bed Last Night.

“Slot machine – Wikipedia” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slot_machine

I’m still working on helping you out of Middle Earth as well.

My Story? Elijah Wood didn’t want Sports. He wanted it cut off. They used to call the French Olympic Glory in 1980 to 1987 and they cut the power supply.

OH MY GOD. I mean yea I did nationality syndicated radio. It’s me. I’m sitting here. Oh My God. If everyone knows Me that means Jesse The Body Ventura was the Governor of California. Oh My God.

Speaking of Joe Rogan at the Bellator in 1971 That Was Him.

Also, Did you ever see the one movie where Elijah Wood made it cool to always have it cut off like that. No Twigs Yarlboroughs Any Of That.

But the fact is it’s extraordinary.

They’ll have to take turns being responsible for each other’s deaths.

So that means the Chinese are still in there and they expect to be Paid by the same Country they Sold.

But I consider China The Third Nation behind Japan with their output. Taiwan Semiconductor. John Benne Checked It Out.

I hear his Han say You Guys Check Out Guava Juice. Then Danny Duncan Blew His Brains Out In A Documented Suicide. Then If Want To About The Crown Long Term. I’ve ditched Shane for Dandapani.

I’ve Ditched Shane for Dandapani and he’s gay got gay and will always be gay. He doesn’t want the Crown in India he wants The Euro.

Is Jacksonville even good this Year?

I can’t help but feel I’m still in the process of meeting Rod Stewart.

But at the same time I can’t help but feel I’m becoming something both Patented And Singular.

So Ellen Degeneres went aggressive and flew to Rome in 07. Goooooood. She won’t get paid.

And Potentially Proxima B.

So then?

If there’s ever anything I really did it’s when I played out this black Duke in Fairmount Park when they thought they were going to do it in a Historic Building. #DiscoverFinancial

I’m sure Whoopi Goldberg accepted him for just Clowning.


I just want a reaction out of Duke.

I also think guys that pretend to like Sci-Fi just want to do it with a Chinese. That’s why I chose America.

Now? How do The Capital Police defend themselves from The Society Of The German. I’m not getting insider notes from GuavaJuice And…I feel like I’m getting Nerfed.

But since Duke passed me the stick, and then I saw the underside of his feet, this time, I think Chinese Food is just like Pizza, Jay Was Fat, and that’s ๐Ÿ‘‡me now. #DamiensOvals

๐ŸŽˆ “WisdomTree – ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) & ETF Investments” https://www.wisdomtree.com

It’s something I’ve always done.

Not since The Ice Shelves got Involved. But both Hindi and Punjabi were know to Peddle Drugs before they got Nuked in 79. ๐Ÿ”— Then Backdraft was an unearned blessing. ๐Ÿ”

Hardy you get all the Games that came out before 1980 before I do Ya.

Who cares if New China is beyond Alpha Centauri this time.

You’ll get your New Easter Island by Lazaretto always trying to go to China up through Winnipeg. ๐Ÿ“†

Is Laura Derne ready to be Installed This Year?

How does Cathy Ireland make Andre Bad Moon Rison A Nobody.

A lot has changed that I can’t protect.

What’s all this about now.

Science Fiction about God on The Horizon.

Eww to they’re sitting on Wood Sadhguru.

You don’t think Maximilian Keiser is as sorry as they are about The Tea Room and Tan France.

But I as The American

Well they never Created Anything For Themselves if that’s your Trac-Phone.

At least as I.R.A. they’re living inside of the Lazy Susan Shell.

What’s above The Phoenix. Kircher Solar.

Steve-O what do you think about this Logo for our Black Ops Skate Brand?

People have been speaking off the cuff about Hellz.

Word is it’s been off the chain since Pink got Married. Who’s below Neubaรผr.

Julian Edelman.

Looks like I’m only 20 Years away from after Judo Class…

It’s like when Russian Gerald killed Bryan even more than Kevin.

I already said it was with Hardy. I ignored The Tea Room until I thought Modi was French.

It’s Important that you feel Contemporary.

However, it wasn’t 1988 but I don’t remember this Cut or This Version or This World when I was trying to get my Work Done. I see it takes place in A Masonic Temple which I Can’t Monitize.

Yes He’s Waiting For Cloud Storage. Aren’t You?

What’s his Backplate?

The Savante from Backwater China.

I’m going to have to circle the lonely people in my music.

Bruce Lee was simply the Jay Z of China.

I was able to help one girl with grass on the field find a warm bed up here.

Prepainted Chinese wanted a Gas Station?

I’m out front and it seems outdated trying to get it ready.

It’s funny now you say that because I was usually right about Limbo.

Cornelius was the only one who knows Onis had Jay Z before The Apocalypse.

He basically just drove through just loving limbo.

Since then the Sexuality between Man and Chinese became Predatory. Specifically Berlin and Ireland.

Something Also About A Desire To Making Mahoney to Mahoney A Friend.

Scott Disick was in Ireland in 1566.

Scott Disick was in Ireland in 1566; so he was certainly Leveled Down.

But what about Her? In This One They Get Put In A Village And Then They Have To Eat The Elders.

Mariana was at Dover Corporation Congratulations.

Movies. Oh. I personally have been safe since Mad Max Fury Road.

But I am Paul and I have a Job To Do. That’s Different Than That.

Love’s Changing All The Time.

Laura Derne.

And the my friend from Logan Creek.

Don’t be That Guy in The Blair Witch Project. #RusselStoverDarkChocolateTurtles

The term that Limbo encited is Malice.

Yea you’re below Mt. Zion and homely; you declared it. Let’s play some Cookie Crumble with The Tea Room.

I thought Girth meant you ate Jays Boogie and then Passed It Over. Who actually Was in The Hunger Games against my wishes.

As a Bookmark I save the Black Fart Across Tommy Trexlers Face because I knew he was going to Academy. Nice Body.

Then they messed up somewhere.

Oh yea The Yellow Cake. OH YEA THE YELLOW CAKE.

And Kevin Hart. WHO AM I? Soon to buy PNC Bank. For that Indian at BP Oil.

Oh My God it’s my Uncle Jack Leary in There He’s A Registered Strong Man.

I can’t believe I met this performer at Union Transfer Concert Hall right before The Apocalypse with my Cousin Tony I mean Mr. Beast after Tony got in with Bad Paper.

No Bad News. No Fake News. The Markets Are Their Own News.

I think you have enough problems when Rob Van Dam got approached to live inside of a John Cena Movie.

Let’s Revisit Game Of Thrones. Everyone Just Ran In There And Grabbed It And Then It Happened.

I hope I don’t play online with any Tarbabies that just want to help the team win and have a good time. #Sarcasm

But what about Her? In This One They Get Put In A Village And Then They Have To Eat The Elders.

Running Away From Home In 1987 and Finding A Phoenix? Yea.

Aziz Hayne in Vandy Bay With Joes Original Last Request. In Lego Land in 1984. Should Stuff Up The Last Request.

They say Shaquelle’s Still Holding Down That Meme Game.

Bear Died.  Speaking Of Limbo After Baidu. She Must have been Simply Celestรฉ During Flavian. 

Leveled Down.

My Child! I think you get what I’m saying there Jr.

He Says To Me I Don’t Feel Under Red Hot Chili Peppers Yet. I Said They’ll Have White Beards Stained Yellow.

I still don’t see how RAW IS WAR makes Sense.

And all these different guys just Got Gay so there must be a Hundred Million Types Of Girls In There. (Not Welcome.)

So was David Beckham Timothy Malfiore? I guess he’ll find out.

So Never Created Anything For Yourselves Is A Caviat Before You Expect Heavens Gates To Ever Open This Year. Bitch.

Wait I also, remember, Curling My Hands Around A Full Cheesesteak Taking One Bite Getting Mad And Saying Is This Meta World Peace Another Dimension Door Payoff? Or Just Tea Room. Right To My Partner.

I’m sure It brings us all to The Torment Of Tantalus and The Boston Garden. ๐Ÿ’ฐ