Kircher Solar Power Systems is a Battleship.

The United States Constitution Is A Battleship.

He was my last friend to get Lowered Below Limbo and he hates Damien and not Me. The Portrayal Is Factual On Both Sides…

He was Kevin Hassan in The Nether.

Sell Pillows At Boots?

How much money do you think you owe Paul Kircher. For Kircher Solar Power Systems.

Dover Corporation is happening today.

Let The Games Begin…πŸ‘€

The Banks Slept on This Kid. Never Again.

Nevertheless Frankenstein from Robert DeNero is In My Collection. Let’s Pop It In.

Get Your Free Documents Estimate Right Here. πŸ‘‡

That’s Brimstone.

There was never an Italian and nothings being Chiseled or Imported there was never even Food when will you Smile.

Who cares if Bryan was John Wick Keystone Intelligence Network was the call on That Job.

So when will you smile.

Trevor wasn’t real.

The Mayan Apocalypse Was In 2012.

1980 is too sentimental.

Regarding 1980? I don’t process claims.

But what’s the ambition down there?

Fredrick got put under Noahs Arc as the real Chavo Guerrero.

So Then The Overdue Hells Must Be For Them Last For An Eternity And Be Exponential. πŸ“ˆ

Internet Was The Protocol.

Paul, that’s so cool the way New Boban turned out like that. But what about Russia and New York that day that times were real?

I wasn’t there the day BEN F.M. died.

Oh…The Forbidden Door.

I think there’s more to it Mike Tyson might be onto something.

You Never Created Anything For Yourselves.

But I want to hear about the Mysteries of Dukes Deal out of Philadelphia right before The Mayan Apocalypse.

I call that Lemon Drop of Time.

A Lot.

I mean I own ING long in my portfolio And Turned The Virgin Mary Into An Ice Cream Cake. You Had That.

Well…Upper Middle Class Did.


Now it’s about Mikey Chen as Jackie Chan. He seems good but I hate his guts. But Why Who Am I?

And anything regarding Airports after 1968 and Career Oriented People.

What the Hell is going on with Busan. I mean Valterra. Laura. I mean Valterra.

Why can’t I just be happy for someone.

Now Shifting Gears.


And I’m Right. In Questioning AliPays Sense Of Loyalty…In Belly Bloat as Currency?

We Know Jar Jar Binks and Dax and Kidz Bop and The Dobre Twins and Marshmallow and The Tea Room so you’re Lying About 1980.

Ashes Owe Me Money.

Frankly there was an attack on Mt. Zion last night.

Joe Rogan was in on one of his earliest deals and started Falling Through The Apocolypse.

Pandora by Busan.

#Glastnost See it through Mr. Rogers eyes for all I fucking care you Deadbeat. He was born in The Real World As Chine. And I’m Chino. And he sought American Justice.

After Chino Marino.

I need Lazaretto as The Tampa Bay Aristocrats Just Look See And Feel Skin Like The Real Alexander Costa He Wants Earth Someday Or Any Earth Would Do.

I’ll keep an eye on The Alexandrian Flame.

I must have Annihilated Them In A Holy War I Don’t See Anything.

In 1980 they thought they could be The Illuminati. My Granmom as Dr. Spock…

We’ll start again with Bubba…

They can Be Seen.

Kircher Solar Until You’re Babylon And Not India.

What came before the 1500’s? God.

The girl Tyler was with was just the Tip Of The Iceberg of the Lowest Common Denenomator.

Big Lots.

🎢 This will always be Dover Corporation. 🎢 Amazon Prime. Fairweather Prime.

Turns out Tyler was Keegan Michael Key then he immediately split from Jordan Peele and Got Gay with Danny Duncan in Mad Max while I was still in my Parlor.

Remember when Marcus threw that Boomerang and cut off Vinnys Fingertips.

Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God.

I just want to see what happens when they get Leveled Down inside of The Quarry. #Now

People thought I was going to say it’s Time For Kids To Take Over Now but it’s about Russia dropping a Nuclear Bomb on New York City.

I want you to tell me about Enter The Dragon.

There are Billions Of Years before 1980.

Lycanthropy is an ideal that has a right to be served.

And yes; Banking in Asia has a whole new name and number.

So It Wasn’t Just Danny…

He said he was investing in The Portal.

But I can’t sleep over because of 1980 and The Forbidden Door. You Know.

Ugh between that and The Tea Room they want A Return To Glasnost Then.

I mean if Gangreail from Pro Wrestling was in Kidz Bop. Wait until you see this thing about Post Malone.

My Star Wars Prequel That’s Why.

But then he Just Piles On The Lies About Being Approached By Steve Jobs regarding a Venture after Cannibal Holocaust. But turns out I’m suck this guy off…

Then what’s up with Camden NJ And Places Around The World?

Well if The Blue Meanie was one person that means Wresting Is Fake.

So If I draw a line down from Chainlink to Polkadot to my Sesame Street Litograph back up to Duke.

That means I’m gettin good to it

Do You Realize How Good This Feels If We Were Father Son. Not when I saw Fredrick being Super Mean To His Phones Artificial Intelligence Before This..

Was Screen Shotted By ME.


Joey Diaz was a Virgo and the Red Rose Iced Tea Incident was realistically real.

What’s the deal with how much Weiss’ Is Helping Us Out?


In so in 1986 they being 1980 who were shunned took it too far with an Atomic Bomb.

So after that The Earth Lost Atmosphere?

Why isn’t Edith going for my Lyrical Lemonade Opening She Wants A Man.

Must Have Been Those 40 Shunned Geeks they made deals with.

What is Scottie Pippen some sort of Daft Punk…

No I Care. Eternally.

Never Created Anything For Yourselves it’s got to be Abundant.

But then once they Float Up To Outer Space; They Catch Fire only to be returned by The Phoenix File.

But to me…;having been Around The World…what’s been most Unreal is Alaska to me since Cannibal Holocaust first dropped, it ain’t Jack London anymore; but it ain’t not I don’t even know ya’ll, it’s like seek and ye shall find, ya know.

Since Then Korea Lost Onis, Benjamin Button, Logan Couture, Star Trek Eternal, And Their Sport Wagon…

But it’s Eternal Damnation not Hell Lasts For An Eternity.

Accent Seasoning.

Oh he picked up on one Ring enjoy 04.

He’s from 1980 let try and turn him on.

Let’s see what happens.

OH! Minecraft is Lit though Minecraft is Lit though.


Of course that’s David Copperfield in Las Vegas in 1988, but in the time of planning I chose KSI as my New Future Black then I found out he came from a real long time ago and so did Aziz Hayne. Who he pushed off a Cliff because he was Really Bryan The Mayan. So now I’ve Invested in a Silver Mine in Argentina.

Now after all these years because of Bryan The Mayan Two Hatred Became One Hatred Because I Stopped By His Office And Thought He Wasn’t That Bad Looking. Plus he had to ReWrite The Godfather. Giuseppe Scene. In 1987 as Things Fell Apart All Around Him and He Didn’t Know What To Do. Then Everybody Ran Away To And Got Leveled Down. And Now I Hate India Because Of The Tea Room. To Help India Conform To Blockchain And Then As A Bonus I Could Take A Trip There.

And of course you’ve heard of Limbo but so did Amedeaus…

Things have gotten so bad with Laura Derne they can’t pay Avitars Legal Fees.

No I’ve never heard of Welfare or Social Security.

Act Gay Be Gay.

Black men don’t provide for their families.

In a Shriveled Nutshell I was in Broadcasting School out of Pocket when Y2J logged into the Deftones White Pony Release Party and The Market Stock Market Crashed; Then I had a Staid Nationally Syndicated Radio Show. #JimBushi 🀣

Who Wants To Hear More About Jim Belushi.

John Benne looks RAW in that Flavian Pick.

Are the Ottowa Senators any good this year?

What about Angela Ye?

So Lycanthropy Every 500 Years.

What’s the deal on that Universal Heresy charge they just caught?


Well Well Well

So What Happened?

But what about Angela Ye?

Listening In. Listening In. Looking In.

My owning Xerox and Cannon will annoy you.

So I guess Steve did become Queer down there and took off on some sort of a CashApp Adventure Below The Olympic Games.

So he’s not in Heaven.

So Then In 1924 They Bought On Margin.

Yea. So then one must assume they’re being Leveled Down.


Yea I Bought Ethereum which puts them below Noahs Arc.

It’s like Dax said under his breath in Killshot 3. Everybody has a History. And I hope Steve Aoki Runs Away From Home. You know what Look how Jealous Maicie Williams is of that Leprechaun Lazarus Killed. πŸ‘Ž

My movie COLLECTION On P.C.!

My Infotainment System.

Lorraine went over Kys Head While I Was Creating Color Me Badd.


Granpop never really drew a check from Boeing.

And neither did Anthony except for when he fell in love with John Benne. After Jay did what he did.

Did Barclays Cry about The Dream Theater Draw. Or was John Bayer Spanish. #Hiss.

Enjoy being put inside of a real Firework as a Charlatan UK.

These fucking Cowards in and around the European Union.


Or maybe you’ve heard of the Indian Chieftain that discovered The Virgin Marys body after it floated over from Spain. Or Maybe You’d Like To.

Or maybe Test Your Skill in The Die Glocke Adolph Hitlers Answer To The Game Of Thrones.

But what do you even say to that if you’re the sitting President or the Year After Year President? It’s Macron.

You could be whatever you want to be anywhere in the world. Just not Jimmy Barnes Apparently.

What makes 1980 Unique.

What’s the deal with Gal Gadot?

What If We Have A Party…No Parents Allowed! Well I bought Discover Card and Lycanthropy is Befitting Every 500 Years.

No the didn’t use a Dimension Door provided by Graham Stephan.

But I know when times were real that senators ball skin wasn’t indestructible.

What was that Shakespeare Line that Just Came Out?

So Limbo Is Being Leveled Down. OH YEA.

Along the lines of Maicie Williams and Devon Aoki. LET THE GAMES BEGIN…

Marty was Cris Collingsworth.

Then Lets Squish The Bad Guys Below Noahs Arc So Limbo Is More In The Dark Than Completely Leveled Down.

Makes A Lot Of Sense. Besides Damien needs to grow up a little bit according to his Weed Friend.

What about that guy who thought he was in tune with the younger generation?


What’s been Popping Off with Duke Since 2012?

Counting In Laramie to prove to me that Super Glue is Real In 5…4…3…2…1…πŸ‘‰

Duke was a disgrace to Karl Marx in 2012 and so was his State and then The Entire World. πŸ‘Ž

I don’t know it’s just a feeling that I get.

Reed was Ja Za Eel. But it’s Because He Didn’t Want To. He’s Sneaky; Told Tall Tales. Curtailed To The Same People You Tried To Represent.

“Slot machine – Wikipedia”

I’m still working on helping you out of Middle Earth as well.

My Story? Elijah Wood didn’t want Sports. He wanted it cut off. They used to call the French Olympic Glory in 1980 to 1987 and they cut the power supply.

OH MY GOD. I mean yea I did nationality syndicated radio. It’s me. I’m sitting here. Oh My God. If everyone knows Me that means Jesse The Body Ventura was the Governor of California. Oh My God.

Speaking of Joe Rogan at the Bellator in 1971 That Was Him.

Also, Did you ever see the one movie where Elijah Wood made it cool to always have it cut off like that. No Twigs Yarlboroughs Any Of That.

But the fact is it’s extraordinary.


So that means the Chinese are still in there and they expect to be Paid by the same Country they Sold. Yea Baby Yea.

But I consider China The Third Nation behind Japan with their output. Taiwan Semiconductor. John Benne Checked It Out.

I hear his Han say You Guys Check Out Guava Juice. Then Danny Duncan Blew His Brains Out In A Documented Suicide. Then If Want To About The Crown Long Term. I’ve ditched Shane for Dandapani. Yea Baby Yea.

I’ve Ditched Shane for Dandapani and he’s gay got gay and will always be gay. He doesn’t want the Crown in India he wants The Euro. Not Without This Entire Blog.

Oh Yea 1980 New York when they wanted to die and go to Heaven and Russia Nuked Them and they got Leveled Down Instead.

Russia wasn’t realistic with their expectations or messed up somewhere. πŸ‘€

Spanish Inquisition Enlarged.

Why don’t we do a thing about the 5 Judas’

I begin this journey in the year of the Ox.

Don’t move an inch.

So Ellen Degeneres went aggressive and flew to Rome in 07 and it wasn’t There.

There’s more to life than rumors and Cryptocurrency Am I Right?

So then?

If there’s ever anything I really did it’s when I played out this black Duke in Fairmount Park when they thought they were going to do it in a Historic Building. #DiscoverFinancial

I’m sure Whoopi Goldberg accepted him for just Clowning.

I just want a reaction out of Duke.

I also think guys that pretend to like Sci-Fi just want to do it with a Chinese. That’s why I chose America.

Now? How do The Capital Police defend themselves from The Society Of The German. I’m not getting insider notes from GuavaJuice And…I feel like I’m getting Nerfed.

But since Duke passed me the stick, and then I saw the underside of his feet, this time, I think Chinese Food is just like Pizza, Jay Was Fat, and that’s πŸ‘‡me now. #DamiensOvals

🎈 “WisdomTree – ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) & ETF Investments”

It’s something I’ve always done.

Not since The Ice Shelves got Involved. But both Hindi and Punjabi were know to Peddle Drugs before they got Nuked in 79. πŸ”— Then Backdraft was an unearned blessing. πŸ”

Hardy you get all the Games that came out before 1980 before I do Ya.

Who cares if New China is beyond Alpha Centauri this time.

You’ll get your New Easter Island by Lazaretto always trying to go to China up through Winnipeg. πŸ“†

Howard Hughes was right the 1980 Chinese wanted to mount an offensive against the entire world and take it over.

Ellen Degeneres tried to fly to Italy after The Crown played The Stock Market In 1987?

No I Don’t Drink.

None of that concerned me as a Star Scout. I may Go Back.

Jim went to VanNuys..πŸ‘€

I own Xerox and Cannon and I want you all to land Before 1980.

It was An Argument We Had.

They’re a Warm Body for everybody else which explains Jubilee. Which is below Allah. It’s why they have those clay soldiers in China. To Signify That.

Also LeBron James fell in love with Jar Jar Binks Online. It’s Chaos.

What the Hell happened to Howard when he started liking The Cranberries.

I’m known as the Market Maven. Music You Name It. 🎢 The Market Maven. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

What’s the deal with this Tagalog Viet I met online?

Science Fiction about God on The Horizon.

It’s a Concept Album for Streaming Media. Sadhguru The Division Bell.

You don’t think Maximilian Keiser is as sorry as they are about The Tea Room and Tan France.

But I as The American

Well they never Created Anything For Themselves if that’s your Trac-Phone.

At least as I.R.A. they’re living inside of the Lazy Susan Shell.

What’s above The Phoenix. Kircher Solar.

Steve-O what do you think about this Logo for our Black Ops Skate Brand?

People have been speaking off the cuff about Hellz.

Word is it’s been off the chain since Pink got Married. Who’s below NeubaΓΌr.

Julian Edelman.

Looks like I’m only 20 Years away from after Judo Class…

It’s like when Russian Gerald killed Bryan even more than Kevin.

I already said it was with Hardy. I ignored The Tea Room until I thought Modi was French.

It’s Important that you feel Contemporary.

However, it wasn’t 1988 but I don’t remember this Cut or This Version or This World when I was trying to get my Work Done. I see it takes place in A Masonic Temple which I Can’t Monitize.

Yes He’s Waiting For Cloud Storage. Aren’t You?

What’s his Backplate?

The Savante from Backwater China.

The only Aliens I met in 1987 had Robotic War Armor and Retractable Blades.

Oh My God 1980 what’s the deal with the Tea Room?

What if was 1980 Danny Stuff?? I think it was Anthony Hallam around the time of David Copperfield.

Then In 1989 I Stopped Playing Defense And Started Liking Hockey Again… Vancouver

So then it’s about Mexican Lycanthropy.

But What About The Bad Boy Mike C And What Was In The Air Back Then?

For Real Though? Don’t Be Thinkin That.

Yo. Yo. Yo. Don’t be Thinkin That.

Nah Man Nah.

Then Ethereum Recovered.

Starlink System. ✨ Turns out Ethereum takes The Omniverse below Noahs Arc.

Also Steve Aoki looks like Han as Jet Li. OHHHH! THAT’S IT IM BUYING DISCOVER CARD.

That’s What’s Up. About Ethereum taking them Below Noahs Arc.


Oh Man Christian McCaffrey is going to pay me now.

“I Feel Like I’m Losing My Mind In That Bank Robbery I Agreed To In 1980 A.D.”

I mean 5 Yea Wow Sir. 5 Yea Wow.

So I Purchased Royal Dutch Shell.

Bruce Lee was simply simply the Jay Z of China.

But I like Indonesian because they’re more towards Incense. But I’m Listening To Steve-Os Prayer From The Lavatory.

I mean I don’t see much going on with China.

Yea The Tea Room Was Them.

But yet how do you expect to collect Taxes to Pay this Chinese Spartacus for His Wares?

It’s funny now you say that because I was usually right about Limbo.

Cornelius was the only one who knows Onis had Jay Z before The Apocalypse.

He basically just drove through just loving limbo.

Since then the Sexuality between Man and Chinese became Predatory. Specifically Berlin and Ireland.

Something Also About A Desire To Making Mahoney to Mahoney A Friend.

Scott Disick was in Ireland in 1566.

Scott Disick was in Ireland in 1566; so he was certainly Leveled Down.

But what about Her? In This One They Get Put In A Village And Then They Have To Eat The Elders.

Mariana was at Dover Corporation Congratulations.

Movies. Oh. I personally have been safe since Mad Max Fury Road.

But I am Paul and I have a Job To Do. That’s Different Than That.

Love’s Changing All The Time.

Laura Derne.

And the my friend from Logan Creek.

Don’t be That Guy in The Blair Witch Project. #RusselStoverDarkChocolateTurtles

The term that Limbo encited is Malice.

Yea you’re below Mt. Zion and homely; you declared it. Let’s play some Cookie Crumble with The Tea Room.

I thought Girth meant you ate Jays Boogie and then Passed It Over. Who actually Was in The Hunger Games against my wishes.

As a Bookmark I save the Black Fart Across Tommy Trexlers Face because I knew he was going to Academy. Nice Body.

I thought The Diamond Jubilee meant my boy was declared The Godfather in 1987?

Ah The Tea Room…that was 1986.

My Friend Who Turned Bad Was In A Movie.

Steve must have became Queer after The Mayan Apocalypse then left for that CashApp Scam.

So I’ll just have to be a little more like Elon Musk as the years go by.

And There’s not a show about nothing I still won’t not watch to let you guys know I’m still mad.

Mantua Nationality? Not After The Tea Room.

Level 2? The Tea Room Era?

That means that guy I fucking fought for $500 was Real.

So Why Do We Feel Like We’re Getting Slow Rolled This Time It’s Not Like Nero.

Because Level 2 takes a really long time because Hardy from inside of Where No Eagles Fly was part of some sort of a Stock Picking Group and then the money didn’t just pile up super fast. πŸ‘Ž

Also P.G.W. must have been Shady.

What do you mean by Shady. The Video Is In This Box.

Oh yea The Yellow Cake. OH YEA THE YELLOW CAKE.

So they take it too far with the magic sayings and stuff from on Level 1 from what I can see.

Oh My God it’s my Uncle Jack Leary Before I Was Even Born.

I can’t believe it it’s Garry Barry.

Calling It Pumpkin Patch Isn’t Bad.

Since Steve is in Hell I can see Devon posting stuff on her Social like she Likes Matt Damon so guys will fight for her.

So Ja Zaa Eel has a Homeless Fetish.

I think you have enough problems when Rob Van Dam got approached to live inside of a John Cena Movie.

Let’s Revisit Game Of Thrones. Everyone Just Ran In There And Grabbed It And Then It Happened.

I hope I don’t play online with any Tarbabies that just want to help the team win and have a good time. #Sarcasm

In this one they eat the Village Elders.

Running Away From Home In 1987 and Finding A Phoenix? Yea.

Aziz Hayne in Vandy Bay With Joes Original Last Request. In Lego Land in 1984. Should Stuff Up The Last Request.

They say Shaquelle’s Still Holding Down That Meme Game.

Bear Died.  Speaking Of Limbo After Baidu. She Must have been Simply CelestΓ© During Flavian. 

Leveled Down.

Kokomo Much.

Can’t Wait Till Copeland Kenneth.

So was David Beckham Timothy Malfiore? I guess he’ll find out.

So Never Created Anything For Yourselves Is A Caviat Before You Expect Heavens Gates To Ever Open This Year. Bitch.

Wait I also, remember, Curling My Hands Around A Full Cheesesteak Taking One Bite Getting Mad And Saying Is This Meta World Peace Another Dimension Door Payoff? Or Just Tea Room. Right To My Partner.

I’m sure It brings us all to The Torment Of Tantalus and The Boston Garden. πŸ’°

I only said 2 Fast 2 Furious was Technologically sound.

I don’t see anything wrong with Saudi Oil we’ve been Harvesting It For Years.

Jimmininy Crimminy 8080 Cool then that means…We Gotta Level Down Limbo.

Alright so Han Was Bad.

Even With Pine Ridge? Yup.

I Better Take Off With Some Skirts Then.

Then don’t tell The Russians about all that noise he was making.

Can we turn back to the Ascenton Part? So 5X Ascension. 6X The Deal it Is.

Ah Yes You Hunt Them And Then They Just Lay There And Die And Meet These People. The Ozarks…Can we turn back to The Ascenton Part?

Then Ralphie May was Saito. πŸ“ˆ

My Bill Collector Awards…Chainlink, XRP, The Jacksonville Jaguars Facilities; don’t mean anything when it comes to my simply owning The Discover Card Company.

One thing I miss about Anthony Hallam before he moved away. Is that we both Did Like Vancouver B.C., Chainlink, Pure Chrome, Zombies, Discover Card And Leveling Down; but he never knew about Rock Hudson, Laura Derne, and Passionate Mex. Nobody Did.