88% Of Guys Got Gay. ⚜️

So Uncle Brian and Marie Chance were on Bane.

Blacks Never Left Africa.

Adam Yauch must have checked out The Mukbang Of Nicodo Avacado.

Don’t even be sayin’ that; don’t even be sayin’ that.

Don’t even be sayin that; don’t even be sayin that.

Since Trevon Martin it has been crazy.

As Dope As District 11 Guy From WisdomTree Having Perfect Nipples For South Street.

Then Everyone Who Wasn’t Gay Tried Jerking Off Together.

Then It’s Time For Harmonica Woman featuring Africa.

Graham Stephan. 🛸

If Mr. Hand; Has Been Bothering You Guys

Does That Mean You Were Part Of It.

Not Being Irish; Yea. ⚜️

The Fast Just Got 500,000,000 Times More Italian.

There Are 4 Levels Of Limbo.

Then It Is About 1980. ⚜️

Yeet. Skiddley Yeet. 12/12/68.

Uncle Brian ran through an American Express Commercial.

Han Was Carrano. ⚜️

You don’t think Breaking Bad Guy Gets Stabbed would suck this by the time the Fly gets near The Titanic.

Dave Groul admitted he would get gay and was intrigued about CashApp.

Olympic Judo.

Han Was Carrano. ⚜️ $11,999 Get Involved.

What about the 79 Metaverse.

Dan Marino

Ames. 👁️👁️☘️👁️👁️

Bruce Willis and Bob Ross and The Branch Dividians.

Geo Wise and Coca Black.

Just Like Bangalore.

“I Never Want To Float Up Into Outer Space Again And I Want To Tell Someone.”

Fuck Off.

You’ll Notice How The Subject Says (We Had To Fight To Get A Meal, We Had To Fight To Be Heard.)

Paul; You’re Powder From Powder From AMC Theatres.

Steve-O may be a Jaberwokee from Bangalore based on some stuff people take for granted.

The Tempest.

Just that one.

Hi. Hello.🧨


Harry And Meghan.

You Fucking With Blobicus From St. James.

Vespa Ireland Flew To Carrano But Han Was Carrano. 📻


Han was Carrano. ⚜️

That’s becoming an entirely new way for people to get leveled down.

Do you even realize how sexual that is.

Then It Is About 1980. ⚜️

What About Helga And The Calvinator. 🤖

Virgin Galactic Doesn’t Need Maicie Williams!

Helga was Leveled Down on a New York City rooftop by Aliens dudes if you don’t think she’s being leveled down for the 77th time under the 77th Moon.

Inception Of Time Just Means You’re Gay.

Han knows about 88 Rising.

Holy Shit. What About Dutch Daulton. 🌭

I just don’t care for Vishay at this moment given the circumstances at hand. 📻

Every Alien In 1987 Was Afraid Of Me And They Knew Nothing Could Stop Me.

You Know What Dude; Kevin Ross Is Finally Played Out When It Comes To Avatar Mansions And Cars.

Cortana; Kaley Cuoco lives in Hawaii and floated a marriage into Apple.

Not Without Guys Getting Gay. 📻

Bobby Litwin was the one I was with when we saw Obama make Water Against The Alley Wall before he left for T. Rowe Price.

Paul; Become something else.

I’m Closing The Forbidden Door.

I can’t believe Jordan is in the studio with what would have been Tencent Music.

Game Of Thrones; Game Of Thrones Game Of Thrones.

I forgot Howard Stern was from Nepal near Chernobyl. 📻

Dune was something played close to the vest.

You wanna be Chris Chrisante about The Life.

It’s in The Melody.

Paul it’s me Sean Penn you gotta know more about Steve-O

What if it was Sean Penn.

Who Are We Negotiating With?

Kim K might still be in the Gym.

Do you even Realize how Libertine Kidz Bop Was?

Do you realize Batman was the guy next door when we first met.

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