Building Heaven over top of them without them same difference.

It’s a decision I made when I saw Walt was leveled down into his own picture in a building I investigated while he was there.

It was then I knew he was trying to play me out the hard way just like the rest the whole place was like a black museum.

I mean Jaaz La Monde why don’t we just share the same problems.

Harmonica. I Created That So…All pay for one is, a vice, I have when I find your behavior to be indicitive of Black.🍌

But as we all know some people were leveled in at the beginning of the Lucy Liu Nexxus and intend to see it to the end. Even without a valid license to drive. 🍌


Jeez I’m just realizing now they never created anything for themselves.



Forget what you’ve heard about Immigration.

And I know you feel like your being Leveled Down inside of a Mockup Of Earth Filled with Men that just like their lives a Little Bit More Over The Top and it’s because you are.

Alright I guess I’ll also be the Alligator Urban Legend that everybody printed their money too. 🐞

Paolas waiting for the Rain.

Live back in time much to meet admitted Gays?

Including your boy Uncle Cal the Reverse Stallion.

Jeez Limbo, I already lost my grip on Kaley from the days of the Lucy Liu.

Oh My God he undercut me as Cronus but as you’ll soon find out the Shack was for effect.

Mad then Funny really isn’t a Healthy Trait.

So you went to Takashi 369.

Yes it really is about The World Phoenix File.

You never even bought a single Record Album or C.D. in your entire life.

So we’re writing you in for More Abyss Honeyrosenstern?

Well Last Time I Heard According to Chinky Chinese The Third she was supposed to be their top prize.

Not if you already met Ty Burrell from Modern Family on Cheap Ass Bumper Sticker Day.

Then what’s the deal on Conrad Hiller?

Probably missing Yelp! like everybody else.

I’m pressing Han for your Present. Kidz Bop.

We’re in King Of Prussia and now we have Russia?


I forgot I didn’t like their last set of Install Jobs.

According to Limbo they’re all waiting for This One to find the way To Paul’s Life she’s a Fucking Mohawk That’s Gonna Sting.

It’s Funny for you that I Caught Her Twice Huh Straight Dev.

You’ll notice at the end how I emulated James Walther as being THE HIGHEST Of THAT Close to a being human being.

The Neck thought Cabella’s was cool?

Like they do every year, but I just want to do forestry with my boys.

He’s Sammy from One Armed Scissor but before you coveted him more than Gold.

Too Bad Sammy has been Shark Bait since the days of the Stuart Little.

But you don’t think Babylon knows what I can BE? CHECK THIS OUT!

Do you know how much Inflation occured since everybody disappeared in 2008. From not paying The Chinese those Hardcore Taxes. So now they can go on their Computers in Ireland because they wanted one.


That’s when Fredrick died?

Then I hope he likes YouTube from now on. I hope Offline T.V. doesn’t mind. Bibles done been written it will have to be.

Well why don’t I just take this coin from Maicies true friend.

Why to sell them a House after I’m appropriately settled.

Yea they’ll have to live offsite because of their original plan to seduce my Father through the Ether.

No I left them with Allah for good Proportion.

Why you don’t think those guys are sapping your avenues just to make it onto the Hobby Horse at The Olympics.

I mean they’ve been gone since 08 what do you expect a Warning.

I mean that’s what The Chinese said he got mad so he’s going to hafe to.

Eureka Atlas!

What haunts me most is that The Taj Mahal means The Bricks and I was supposed to be there for it. I Can’t.

It’s the Seagulls as your Sanitation Department Sorry.

And now we know why we met a new Sightseer named Hoagie.

Well we have Small Businesses Up Here You Must Have Bounced A Check.

According to What’s Jerry we must have got a new Space Needle then.

Getty Family Enough? Or you’re Mad now And No.

I guess Bilial where reality doesn’t even exist. You know you want both a girlfriend and to be a part of that.

Or maybe you’re like me, and never really wanted one to begin with. I mean why bother?

I mean we’ve actually seen hoards of butterflies take dumps on you at football practice at my behest that’s your intrinsic value to anything. ever.

And that’s just a Preliminary Evaluation.

It’s difficult to interpret filth or poop or eating poop on a Global Scale as cool and Nordic so I’ll turn to Sherwin on your clock.

One American Express commercial going down! Flip. Flip. Flip. 1980. 💩

It means they get born into a world where they can’t even begin to afford to pay for it. Smokin!

It kind of makes it so they never make it to Bilial. And become a Literal Star.

Just like my old friend Maries “Black” neighbor.

So how about another round of Suaez Of Tooth Be Told For President.🏴‍☠️ Why Not?

Oh you tried to map out my future based on Ghostbusters? Wait until Red Dawn Leftovers. 🦃

Faker You Twerp! He’s gonna need a Venti to massage those Tootsies.

Original Nintendo might help you Walk Up.

Limbo I just found out your’re on Atlas.

No Atlas isn’t just one person.

So Milk your Sanctuary.

Especially with Kim and her Sanctuary City.

But, Once I was in a business meeting with Mr. Keating then Business Magnate.

Anyway, Atlas, we learned in England Early On, The Atmosphere Traps Souls, Which Eventually Become Clouds. Then Your Sun Alpha Centauri warms the Vapors over The Ocean and Larry Shore Fills His Pool. Then goes back on his Apple Computer. Just like you found it. And YES I’m sure you still have the Skinnydipping report he made out of Spite for when you become good.

So I know you’re curious about my discoveries in England. Well for example there was Dapper Dan a Hustler From Harlem Who Did Everything He Had To Do To Make Ends Meet When Grifting Was A Mans Job.

Oh My God Atlas, you gotta hear this one, there was also another time when all the dying guys wanted me to see them as Frogs. And first I said Yes and then I said No Dice.

And yea they were The Committee Of Seventy. A big deal at least to me, but you want that now don’t you.

So what I’m seeing now is Felipe Esparza wants a Bible to be written while I’m seeing things like Hot Cross Buns.🇬🇧

Lucky for me Felipes Mom and Dad held him up with that Crystal Skull of his after he was 13 going on 14. But still.

You want Push That Cocaine Internally in 1984 1985 with Ants Like That Down There.🍌

No well…I’m well aware that God saved you from real Nintendo the first time.

Sammy wait Steve needs more Resident Evil to play all day with his bare foot up on the console you guys were always friends.

I mean that part when you guys agreed at the same time to fake your own death was rich.

OH MY GOD Sammy The Siege Of Tripoli India Went Agressive. OH HELL NO.

Oh My God All Italians are really India Indian and Bad Ellen DeGeneres flew into Rome in 2007 and nothing was there.

Now they’re trying to sell me a bill of goods that that’s the way it should be.

Oh wait they have Instagram.

Just remember Judy Tenuta.

It’s Adams Rib.

Adams Rib was an Emulated Final Confession I took from the Blue Eyed Devil when I was a child and we’re behind schedule.

This might effect my Aunt Ethel who is from Vespa Ireland originally but I’m smart enough to know better.

And yea Cal was An Accountant for Glassboro State back when it was a deal and I just wanted him to see me out there. Knowing how good it can be when Mike ran away.

And if you don’t think Steve helps them move in there to get their feet on the ground through menial jobs you’re crazy.

So it turns out Gene was my friend.

But that false testamony before God was before The Phoenix File.

Good News In it’s now a sin for you to live at home.

And if you don’t like that I bought Big Jim’s Annomaly and I’ll find a place for ya.

For a lot of people it didn’t happen but things are different now.

Is this about my charity banging Marie fresh out tha soon to be Pyramids of Egypt (She’s from India is that Cool?) after my days work before that jazzed up Apocolyptco Scene? Yeaaa. They built it up after the David Copperfield Work Wear.