It Is About 1980. ⚜️

Yowza Schnowza. 📘

You don’t think I would kiss Uncle Brian’s Cabbage Patch.

So In A Nutshell, That Must Mean I Was Kid Rock When Damien Didn’t Like It That Much.

Blacks Never Left Africa.

In Key & Peele After We Hooked Up By Investing In Kanye And Carmen Electra.

I’m the type that doesn’t want it to be quite like that after all that.

Is Listen Without Prejudice Even Good.

That’s where The Trillion Dollars Comes In.

Monkey Man Needs Medicine To Grow.

That’s Dope.


Vancouver B.C.

Let Me Cross This One Off My List As Well So You’re Aware Of What’s Happening To You.

How do you even know it was Cornelius’ Fault.

What is it about the Die Glocke.

Is that what you want to do film mine getting sucked while you’re all getting Leveled Down.

Blacks Never Left Africa tho cause but Spain tho.

Then get off the Duffel Bag and Grandpop’s Lies and be a part of what I’ve got.

(Han Was Carrano. ⚜️)

Vijay is some kind of seperate from Uncle Brian running through an American Express Commercial. If you’re getting that ass lining seed popped.

Firebrand My Ass; And Stab My Armpits With An Ice Pick. ⚜️

You know we like the Sony PSP Right.

More like Bitcoin about all that.

Oh Ok.

Oh; And Krugerrands.

Don’t Even Be Saying That Don’t Even Be Saying That.

That’s Channing’s Nest Egg. 🧥

Spit In Maria’s Face Then.

I’m French Not Irish.

Oh Well Then Conrad The Originals. 🍀

Reminds me of Andy The Original when Halloween was Real.

I guess we can move forward for Uncle Brian then. 👎

That Is Child’s Play.

Been about Buffalo and Seattle.

That’s Dope.

About Websites.

Who even speaks of Vishay’s Death when Carol became the Super Sexual Blob and Ate Vishay near where Amy might want to live someday. ☘️

How Many Bands Is New Japan Wrestling In For.

What’s The Tokyo Rose Stuff Get Pushed Down For Tin Pan Alley And Han Was Carrano.

When Is Gatorade Going To Give That Extra Burst To Tin Pan Alley.

Uncle Brian is Limerick PA.

Limerick PA.

Try telling that to Emmanuel Evangelista.

But what about Activision.

Ring Around The Rosie Pocket Full Of Posies Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down. 🎶

I can’t wait until Midsommar.

Let’s Help Zuckerberg With Meta.

Han was Carrano. ⚜️

It will always be Money Related.

In this one they eat the Village Elders.

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