Leveling Down Pennsylvania The Worst and Then The U.S.A. The Second Worst Is Prudent. πŸ‘‘

My Other Blog About The Constitution.

Graham Stephan. πŸ”οΈ I mean Joe Biden. πŸ“ˆπŸ”«

Han was Shredder. Before The Aliens Arrived.

I guess I would post Joe Rogan falling through the 2012 Apocolypse on you’re Facebook and see what happens.

Her Mom was The Exxon Valdez and she got Quarked below 1980.

I mean Dune.

Marty peed in Campbell’s Soup and then he hit a Home Run. 🦍

Lazaretto was just a song to the Safe House so I must have been Rubik. Not Lagerfeld.

Well they found each other and the Mysterious Third Crucifixion is The Asian Pursuasian ‘Slave’. πŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈ

But a Junket…isn’t for getting gay.

I have doubts about Limbo getting their Desires Filled or Calls Returned. ⏲️

I’m on Arrott Street watching The Spyder Commercial after a hard day of sales calls.

Mr. Donnelly!

Paul, kick someone out of the Church for as time goes by.

So…below Steve from The Matrix.

A Game Of Thrones?

And There’s not a show about nothing I still won’t not watch to let you guys know I’m still mad.

What if they sell my Shore House to the same Two Guys From Zaxxon That Ass.

Level 2? The Tea Room Era?

Anthony Hallam seemed cool towards Danny and Val being together; but it was Chain Link.

So Why Do We Feel Like We’re Getting Slow Rolled This Time It’s Not Like Nero.

Because Level 2 takes a really long time because Hardy from inside of Where No Eagles Fly was part of some sort of a Stock Picking Group and then the money didn’t just pile up super fast. πŸ‘Ž

Also P.G.W. must have been Shady.

What do you mean by Shady. The Video Is In This Box.

Oh yea The Yellow Cake. OH YEA THE YELLOW CAKE.

So they take it too far with the magic sayings and stuff from on Level 1 from what I can see.

Oh My God it’s my Uncle Jack Leary Before I Was Even Born.

I can’t believe it it’s Garry Barry.

Calling It Pumpkin Patch Isn’t Bad.

Since Steve is in Hell I can see Devon posting stuff on her Social like she Likes Matt Damon so guys will fight for her.

So Ja Zaa Eel has a Homeless Fetish.

I think you have enough problems when Rob Van Dam got approached to live inside of a John Cena Movie.

Let’s Revisit Game Of Thrones. Everyone Just Ran In There And Grabbed It And Then It Happened.

I hope I don’t play online with any Tarbabies that just want to help the team win and have a good time. #Sarcasm

In this one they eat the Village Elders.

Running Away From Home In 1987 and Finding A Phoenix? Yea.

Aziz Hayne in Vandy Bay With Joes Original Last Request. In Lego Land in 1984. Should Stuff Up The Last Request.

They say Shaquelle’s Still Holding Down That Meme Game.

Bear Died.  Speaking Of Limbo After Baidu. She Must have been Simply CelestΓ© During Flavian. 

Leveled Down.

Kokomo Much.

Can’t Wait Till Copeland Kenneth.

So was David Beckham Timothy Malfiore? I guess he’ll find out.

So Never Created Anything For Yourselves Is A Caviat Before You Expect Heavens Gates To Ever Open This Year. Bitch.

Wait I also, remember, Curling My Hands Around A Full Cheesesteak Taking One Bite Getting Mad And Saying Is This Meta World Peace Another Dimension Door Payoff? Or Just Tea Room. Right To My Partner.

I’m sure It brings us all to The Torment Of Tantalus and The Boston Garden. πŸ’°

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