I’m Exploiting Damiens Obscene Obsession with Work Clothes being Sporty.

And Kevin Hart Not Watching That Kind Of Stuff Everyday.

Reign Of Me. “So I’ll Just Have To Earn What I Can And Continuously Put Them All Below 1980 Until They Break.”๐Ÿ“˜ Unless Creed Will First.

You Know…No One Was Ever Born Italian and with JC Below Han I mean I and I see whole thing falling below 1980 so I see some real Kentucky Bluegrass Streams In The Future. For Some Guys. People Getting Leveled Down. Is A Bi-Weekly Consumer Index.

No Bad News. No Fake News. The Markets Are Their Own News.

I think you have enough problems when Rob Van Dam got approached to live inside of a John Cena Movie.

Let’s Revisit Game Of Thrones. Everyone Just Ran In There And Grabbed It And Then It Happened.

I hope I don’t play online with any Tarbabies that just want to help the team win and have a good time. #Sarcasm

But what about Her? In This One They Get Put In A Village And Then They Have To Eat The Elders.

Running Away From Home In 1987 and Finding A Phoenix? Yea.

Aziz Hayne in Vandy Bay With Joes Original Last Request. In Lego Land in 1984. Should Stuff Up The Last Request.

They say Shaquelle’s Still Holding Down That Meme Game.

Bear Died.  Speaking Of Limbo After Baidu. She Must have been Simply Celestรฉ During Flavian. 

Leveled Down.

My Child! I think you get what I’m saying there Jr.

He Says To Me I Don’t Feel Under Red Hot Chili Peppers Yet. I Said They’ll Have White Beards Stained Yellow.

I hope you think of this while you wake up to the Brand because you aren’t Welcome here.

And all these different guys just Got Gay so there must be a Hundred Million (Girls) In There. (Not Welcome.)

So was David Beckham Timothy Malfiore? I guess he’ll find out.

So Never Created Anything For Yourselves Is A Caviat Before You Expect Heaven Even One More Time.

Wait I also, remember, Curling My Hands Around A Full Cheesesteak Taking One Bite Getting Mad And Saying Is This Meta World Peace Another Dimension Door Payoff? Or Just Tea Room. Right To My Partner.

I’m sure It brings us all to The Torment Of Tantalus and The Boston Garden. ๐Ÿ’ฐ

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