Guys Doing Bread and Butter. ⚜️

It was Han from Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon and Cousin Maria on that sexual sex call I thought was Richard Lane.

That’s a lot of Uncle Brian not liking N.A.S.A.

Earth Wind And Fire.

You don’t think Onis and I would have done Karaoke.

Who’s to say Zola isn’t going to do Burberry Kush or something real crazy like that.

So I’ll note here that Han from Bruce Lee fingered my Cousin Maria and; and called me to hear it; and Ellen was none the wiser about what was going on. 📘

They sound like they’re on a Jihad.

Chila the Original is Chinese and chose Cousin Maria.

Red Dawn Putin At Walmart.

For me MapQuest changed everything after Vishay.

Han was Carrano. ⚜️


Düde; That’s Interesting.

What about Ellen and Anuj regarding Yeet.

And back into the Indian Riots of 1820.


That Just Means We’re French And Cousin Maria And Aliens Are New World Order.


Who Invented Limbo In The Guy From Lost.

Blacks Never Left Africa. ⚜️

Just let Marty be from Poland; Then Havertown; Then Cincinnati.

Then I Present to You; My Interpretation Of The Second Class Criminals Featuring Uncle Brian. 📺

It will always be Money Related.

So we made it to Will Smith.

Paul; it’s me you should see San Jose.

I meant San Jose.

Zalataa; they don’t want you to have Val’s Canadian Molasses.

The African from Nelly.

Mom Mom is Purvis about Interacial.

Then Kevin will have to offer them Backdraft.

Oh yea The Yellow Cake. OH YEA THE YELLOW CAKE.

In this one they eat the Village Elders.

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