Forget Futureworld Gentleman. ⚜️

I want fresh off the boat. 🐜

That’s Jo.

Are you ready to Democraticly meet that one queer guy from The Butterfly Effect. 🇫🇷

Are you sure we can’t have the R. Truth Colorways to keep it going in here In Charge.

Can I see your White House room?

So On Regular Days in Limbo Not Heaven The Virgin Mary Always Tries To Make Fun On Them To Go Lesbian.

Seems Mayfair.

Lazaretto I’m Aware Your Club Threw Away It’s Fiscal Responsibilities Because Of Pantyhose. ⚜️

It’s because of you I don’t even think Andrei was discovered yet.

He makes me Above The President Of The United States and The Deep State Realistic. 🍇

We have to hold onto Backdraft.

The Titanic is a very old; but true; story.

Everybody bothered me in 1980 I wasn’t doing anything.


But I think I’ll Level Down Shane In A Nuclear Holocaust.

George Lucas directed all the Star Wars.

Yea Oregon. Someday My Friend.

Paul, what about Autism Class. 🎸

So then it’s about Lycanthropy.

But What About The Bad Boy Rasputin And What Was In The Air Back Then?

For Real Though? Don’t Be Thinkin That.

Yo. Yo. Yo. Don’t be Thinkin That.

Nah Man Nah.

Then Ethereum Recovered.

Starlink System. ✨ Turns out Ethereum takes The Omniverse below Noahs Arc.

Also Steve Aoki looks like Han as Jet Li. OHHHH! THAT’S IT IM BUYING DISCOVER CARD.

That’s What’s Up. About Ethereum taking them Below Noahs Arc.


Oh Man Christian McCaffrey is going to pay me now.

“I Feel Like I’m Losing My Mind In That Bank Robbery I Agreed To In 1980 A.D.”

I mean 5 Yea Wow Sir. 5 Yea Wow.

Paul somebody was not good and pushed me to the Brink…

So I Purchased Royal Dutch Shell.

Bruce Lee was simply simply the Jay Z of China.

But I like Indonesian because they’re more towards Incense. But I’m Listening To Steve-Os Prayer From The Lavatory.

I mean I don’t see much going on with China.

Yea The Tea Room Was Them.

But yet how do you expect to collect Taxes to Pay this Chinese Spartacus for His Wares?

It’s funny now you say that because I was usually right about Limbo.

Cornelius was the only one who knows Onis had Jay Z before The Apocalypse.

He basically just drove through just loving limbo.

Since then the Sexuality between Man and Chinese became Predatory. Specifically Berlin and Ireland.

Something Also About A Desire To Making Mahoney to Mahoney A Friend.

Scott Disick was in Ireland in 1566.

Scott Disick was in Ireland in 1566; so he was certainly Leveled Down.

But what about Her? In This One They Get Put In A Village And Then They Have To Eat The Elders.

Mariana was at Dover Corporation Congratulations.

Movies. Oh. I personally have been safe since Mad Max Fury Road.

But I am Paul and I have a Job To Do. That’s Different Than That.

Love’s Changing All The Time.

Laura Derne.

And the my friend from Logan Creek.

Don’t be That Guy in The Blair Witch Project. #RusselStoverDarkChocolateTurtles

The term that Limbo encited is Malice.

Yea you’re below Mt. Zion and homely; you declared it. Let’s play some Cookie Crumble with The Tea Room.

I thought Girth meant you ate Jays Boogie and then Passed It Over. Who actually Was in The Hunger Games against my wishes.

Thank god that one gay guy in Dannys stream believes in me because of that.

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