88% of guys Got Gay. ⚜️

So then if I Post Miami Vice Estaban Gets Miami Tower. ♠️

So you think you have what it takes to go Vijay about what Raab became on Level 20,400.

Time To Load In These Solar Leads before Grandpop Schwartz gets Leveled Down.

Is This even Registered.

You guys watching Donnie Darko.

More like The Peanut Butter Falcon with the way Marty Looks Hanging From Crazy Glue. 📺

What About Musiq Soulchild.

Why is there a ding dong getting twisted in my ass in Marvel Section.

How Do You Know Tony Saragusa Isn’t Still A Part Of What’s Going On? 📻

D.C. is it’s own Movie House They Can Transform Any Dream You’ve Ever Of Blacks Never Leaving Africa Into A Movie And Send It In

Then Maicie Williams was Stan in the Music Damien And I Didn’t Like.

Then This? Is Jaipur.

I’m French; and not Irish.

At Last.

Between Jeter and Benjamin Button I don’t know how to thank you enough.

Teddy Fresh Apparel did redefine the defiant symbolism of 1980.

But since Uncle Brian did what he did; it’s time for me to do what I do.

Guess what else about it.

Day Zero.

I mean the reality of the situation is that Scott Ruben wanted me to give the illusion of flight as Captain Hook from Hook and then Ellen wanted Peter Pan’s Haircut and it became a disaster.

How is that even Podcasting.

Never once did I think she would take it below Ethereum and try and make it seem like her nose was on the level and she was part of the occupation.

If Vijay’s Dumps Didn’t Push Me Back That Day I Would Have Never Know Maicie Williams Was Trying To Be In On It. (Here In America.)

What about Uncle Chris and Carrano tho. 📻

You guys ready for Amy’s New Guy On Apple+

What about Tin Pan Alley tho.

Oh Man Vijay Is Firing 10,000,000 Guns Towards 10,000,000 Guns.

You don’t think Batman Gay has Caramel in a (Bear) Sized Volcano.

Love Is Blind; If You’re A Fool; You’ve Got To Know Which Way To Go. 🎶🎵

That’s When I Call Marty Radiohead For All My Plumbing Needs. 📻

Then it should be about 1980.

I’m ready to get it sucked.

What’s Uncle Brian Driving These Days.

Thank God Marty Was From Poland Before Butterbean.

I guess that’s why #Sodapoppin Needs to tell Asmon Gold that Han was Carrano. ⚜️ #Bitcoin

While 88% Of Guys Got Gay. Instead of wanting a 5 Stem Clover Like Laura Derne.

Kevin Hart is some sort of a J.C. Penny Black now. 🏑

Let’s Have Vishay’s Bullet Crash Into Eddie Murphy’s Bullet And The Seed The Clouds.

I Want John Ritter’s PP Completely Fused Up When I Meet Him At Sizzler.

Becuase it turns out I’ve been working for Howard so Laura Derne can make it seem like they got Married. 📻

Jeez Louise; The Green Room Isn’t Helping Limbo.👈

Paul there’s a way we do things about Ordering Gildan.
Something Must Have Happened In 1980.

What about an NFT of Howard Stern. Hehehehe

Stand Up for the Ramen you believe in.


Dirty Sanchez was watching Dirty Sanchez. 📺

So this is America; my new brand is RVCA express a front row appeal.

Is Africa Built Up Yet.

2 Per Home with a Guestroom and a Daybed.


Somebody said he was Mike and he wanted to know your real Name. 👹

In 1980.

Ellen and Anuj for example.

We Live Inside Of A Computer And We’re From New York.

That’s not even what Black people want to think about we like things that are Joe.

U.S.A.! Ahhhaea

What if that was them about how it felt to even watch the game.

Thou doth Protest too much. – William Shakespeare.

Ellen and Anuj we’re both there as Jimmy Barnes will soon find out.

With Who. ⚜️

At least I know in 3 weeks time London Real will be there.

They never paid Corsica; so learn the story of how just one man financed america. ⛵

We’ll need more to know if anyone will ever be real for any of us anymore.

How Bizarre.

How Bizarre. 🗣️

Not On The Twitter Strike I Heard About.

Then let Nyga Level Up Your Senses. ⚜️

They’re using The Beginning Of Time Utilities I Invented. 🌸

What’s Smerconish’s Take On This Whole Thing?

Paul I’m here with Donald Powell don’t Kick The Can On Viking Pets Yet.

Obama almost got Gas Lit when Blacks Never Left Africa.

Then The Towering Inferno was Just A Movie.

It’s Beyond My Current Solar Cell How Hot It Is.


I’m just telling Jae I can’t make it to Hershey Park.


For Real Though? Don’t Be Thinkin That.

Don’t be Thinkin That.

We’re The People Who Had A Real Funeral In There.


Now I’m Going To Drive Over The Delaware Memorial Bridge To Visit Where They First Ratified The United States Constitution.

We Have Everything Here And It’s Not Too Far From Limerick Pennsylvania.

It’s Yung J.D. Who Wants To Be Involved In Something Else.

Laura Derne Got Squared Away By The Ice Surfer.

No Way.

What do Jae and Zavrell call themselves again The Silver Apples?

I don’t see Jaes Upload about being a Rothchild.

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