It Is About 1980. ⚜️

Speed Past these Chuck Norris Scenes.

He’s In A Meme Now While I’m At The Foremost.

It turns out Han was Carrano.

She’s realizing now she lived with Coyote Peterson before he was Leveled Down.

Should Work.

J. Lo Is Rembering Behind The T.V.

I’m remembering behind the T.V.
Paul I’m Greedy And Annoying.

Alright guys I’m having my old house professionally Inspected from Pillar to Post.

I have the Shanghai Thrusters.


Why Would I Ever Trust A Woman. #1st Kid #1st Kid

Just sing towards it while it’s getting Aniboled.

Dude…Wait It Means Hell Is In A Devils Lock.

Yup my Friends That Gave Me A Lift Home When The El Closed At Midnight After I Left Manny Browns And They Wanted My Milk Money In Ellens Wormhole Instead Of The Friends Club Because Of French Cheese and I suppose France.

Yea Hardy From The Friends Club Told Me Silver Apples Was The Real Deal So Steve and Tenacious D And Everyone Running Away To Mexico Is Level 1.

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