Aunt Ethel Floated Up Into Outer Space In 1980. ⚜️

They Chose Maicie Williams And A Heritic’s Religion.

What do they do get dipped in fire.

Why can’t Obama be Leveled Down in Paris.

Why doesn’t Obama Order Online.

Then Han was Carrano. ⚜️

Then Han was Carrano.

Vishay must have taken a chance on going Heretic again.

Anuj, Ellen and Vishay probably want The Titanic back.

Then they’re Jihadists. ✔️

I want to ask Carlos what he thinks about Game Of Thrones.

That’s less than impressive.

Coyote Peterson has to find us.

Han was Carrano. ⚜️

Garth Brooks and 7-Up is what they do.

What if they just all went to Hell back in 1980 and the Hells Just Keep Getting Worse at this Juncture.

They should have the first time.

👹 That’s Something. 👹

I’m wearing Ash with a Mexican Font in Japan.

Give them Skills of the Product Tester. ☘️

Have fun as Blossom at The Beginning Of Time.

Since we hooked up I’m going to make it like Michael Carrano is trying to find us.

Then Tin Pan Alley feat. Yung Ellen must have broadcast from where Disney World Should Be.

Don’t ask about Cousin Chris when Jimmy Barnes likes the stones in the stone. ♂️♀️

And running away really really queer before it’s too late.

More like a Pineapple Dandy because of Anuj and Ellen.

J.D. must have gone Cross Platform to defy the Deep State. 🍇

Jae Detected.

It turns out JoJi was the one to finger Cousin Maria. ☎️

He must have gotten Leveled Down.

Dude Ellis Island Comes 1st In You Getting To Be Real With Us.

Grandpa Al Lewis Never Got His Cock Cut.

I’m gonna wait out this Never Having A Christian Burial Aspect for you guys. 🍁

We All Got Professional Wrestling Listed On The Stock Exchange. ⚜️

Not So Fast Black.

Hot Potato, Hot Potato, Here We Come.

I’m getting a weird feeling about Spinderella. Especially Regarding The Year Of The 800.


Then Feast Your Eyes On Obama’s Origins.

Yea Boi.

When Getting On Gods Nerves Is A Theatre Of War then.

It’s called a Cambodian Scissor Kick.

Jae wanted it so nothing ever happened. 📈☕

It’s Called Tin Pan Alley Someone Collect Call…wait.

How Is Obama Bypassing Himself In That Classic 1950’s Horror Movie Again.

How did Orange Cassidy save wrestling.

Why Is Jae Sleeping At My Grandparents House Near Historic Eddystone?

Near Au Bon Pain where Bill Goes.

Let’s start with Who Cares About Max Headroom.

I mean I guess I can make it look like it came from Outer Space but I’m pushing up Earth III.

What if Getting Gay in the sexual arena at Trade builds Comradarie.

We Still Don’t Know If Bugles Wrote The Federalist Papers In The Sanctuary City Because they already declared bankruptcy.

Sushi wasn’t around in 1980 to be considered a gift.

Yea. I mean No not to Soul Train. ☎️

Noahs Arc took 8 years until people became generous again.

Ok Multiverse Charging Up. ✨ Wait Doy.

We’ve got Adam Pink in The Omniverse. ✨

Irish are known for being Strong so once they can’t take it anymore I’ll get stuff out of it.

Before Limbo became relivant this is what I got from my Uncle Jack. It signifies my coat of arms.

But would not The Ice Love like Edith.

When They Were Treated Like One And You Were Warned The Sword Cuts Both Ways In Desire. ⚜️

Hmm. If I Won World War Z Then The Olympics Would Be Next. ⚜️

Well Good The Movie Was About 1 Person In Witichita. ⚜️

So there is a Kracken?

This Face Off With Brian Rose Is Really Getting To Me. ⚜️

Paul, if you’re really “Leveling Down Marty As Well” what about Limerick Pennsylvania?

What’s it like to be “Leveled Down inside of a Genome Project? Sports.


Isn’t Xi-Redbone. Yea.

Paul, describe a Muslims Journey.


Is This 1980?

Besides what type of person just wears a robe and loafers 24/7 while the money just rolls in.

“I already planned on their having stringy pubes.”

Is Xi Redbone?

Well Well Well

So What Happened?

But what about Angela Ye?

It’s going away too funny.

My owning Xerox and Cannon will annoy you.

So I guess Steve did become Queer down there and took off on some sort of a CashApp Adventure Below The Olympic Games.

So he’s not in Heaven.

So Then In 1924 They Bought On Margin.

Yea. So then one must assume they’re being Leveled Down.


Yea I Bought Ethereum which puts them below Noahs Arc.

It’s like Dax said under his breath in Killshot 3. Everybody has a History. And I hope Steve Aoki Runs Away From Home. You know what Look how Jealous Maicie Williams is of that Leprechaun Lazarus Killed. 👎

Axa was Real.

What Are You Helga.


Granpop never really drew a check from Boeing.

And neither did Anthony except for when he fell in love with John Benne. After Jay did what he did.

Did Barclays Cry about The Dream Theater Draw. Or was John Bayer Spanish. #Hiss.

Enjoy being put inside of a real Firework as a Charlatan UK.

These fucking Cowards in and around the European Union.


Or maybe you’ve heard of the Indian Chieftain that discovered The Virgin Marys body after it floated over from Spain. Or Maybe You’d Like To.

Or maybe Test Your Skill in The Die Glocke Adolph Hitlers Answer To The Game Of Thrones.

But what do you even say to that if you’re the sitting President or the Year After Year President? It’s Macron.

You could be whatever you want to be anywhere in the world. Just not Jimmy Barnes Apparently.

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