(Kircher Solar; My Nationally Syndicated Radio Show.) ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

There Are 4 Levels Of Limbo.

I’m not yeeting their journey.

What about The Dupri Twins.

In Game Of Thrones The Hound Has Maicie Williams Completing Tasks To Compete For The Iron Throne.

Damien should know I’m listening to Eugene’s Lament.

Add a Pinch Of Technology Reviewing.

Never Forget The Hookup With Uncle Brian At Apple Chase. 📺

It’s time for Old School Meta Platforms to be able to Fly.

Call Me Kip Myers. 💎

Major Tom?

It’s that The Chalkin Power Gague.

Is That India 1820. 🧨

Is Heidi Tony Luke.

I need Paola to see this NFT by the time I get there.

I mean Uncle Brian was the one I hooked up with at Apple Chase.

That’s Child’s Play Compared To The Fact I Would Have Hooked Up With Marty.


1 Hot Dog Cheeseburger Please. 🏡

Every aspect of his room including the Bikini Socks at Apple Chase was how I was supposed to see it and not how he was supposed to see it.

Sam. 🇵🇱

Finally Some Leveling Sideways with some of the best friends I ever made in my life.

The Lizard That Runs Super Fast Is The One That Will Bring Us Capitalist Expansionism.

Titan Boiled Alive has a Thumbalina Sized Aunt Ethel That Just Keeps Getting Boiled Alive So Whenever Anyone Says Anything It’s A Lie.

Greek Laos.

I guess I’ll have to invite the internet money to the #FestivalOfLionitis

That’s The Saga Of Vishay The Original.

I’m Thinking Ron Pitts Is Channing From I Am Athlete. 🗣️


He Is Channing From I Am Athlete. 👐

Han Was Carrano. ⚜️

Than Zendaya Is In The Omniverse And Damien Is In The Metaverse.

There must be game shows or some other way. ☘️

Jimmy Barnes might still want Prism.

Every Day With The Fish Oil. 🕎 Enough Already.

MrBeast must want guys to get gay in the living tree instead of you know what.

That seems messed up for when Basil comes out before Prince Charles.

India is a British Colony and they Invaded Algiers You Son Of A Bitch.

Wait. Space is the final frontier for precious resources.

The Guitar Part comes in and then guys want to learn guitar after just laying there.

John Ritter was in John Carpenter’s The Fog.

Steve-O was selling Momos before there were Videogames or anything.

What Set Do They Claim.

88% Of Guys Got Gay.

Just lube the Schezuan 4. ☘️

Blacks Never Left Africa.

What about Anthony; and the Leveling Down.

Why should I Crucify Christ Now Anyway When Graham Stephan Has Been To Blockbuster Video. 🛸

Bill Gates i need your help later on with the money i had to level down the sandman adam sandler.

Uncle Brian is the one I hooked up with. But maybe Mayor Nutter saw something in me perhaps T.V. I wish I felt the same.

Who Knows.

That’s Trifilin’. ⚜️

Then Cut His Cock; Using Krackatowa.

Jimmy Barnes is in my room and I’m Creating Tesla. 📻

With who Smercon the Original.

Then be Melted Down after giving it up like in Game Of Thrones.

Finally Tone Vays is taking a deep dive into Anuj and the bad guys lifestream instead of using Sam for his Infotainment System. ⚜️

Graham Stephan. 🛸

Finally Tone Vays is taking a deep dive about Anuj and the bad guys lifestream instead bothering Sam to buy a new Volkswagen with an Infotainment System. ⚜️

Do you want to see something about The Priory Of Sion Out Of Harrisburg.

People are behaving like London Bridge is Falling Down when they’re leveling up to become one of the richest nations in the world.

Can’t wait till Bill Gates Levels Up To Pay Me. 💰


Then I guess Spain is Queer.

Jae wasn’t fat enough to handle all that at Paul’s House. 🎙️

What’s That Supposed To Mean.

Do you even know Tri-State Alarm. ☎️

Dude Mannequin actually was; filmed at Woolworth’s.

Han was Carrano. ⚜️

Dude, if you haven’t lived in Hell then you haven’t lived on Earth.

Make I.C.P. Run Through Backdraft.

1 Chainlink Fence Please.

What if Monique was really Laura Derne when the Summertime Was Hotter Than A Matchhead! 🎶

Is That What You Really Want.

They Didn’t Pick Up Paul’s Nationally Syndicated Radio Show With 1,000,000 Listeners And He Knew Stern Already Blew It With Pee Wee Herman. 💰

Billy Jean King can eat my shit.

Geraldo Rivera should probably be Balzaked if that’s what Aunt Ellen wants.

Can he get any older as Mandarin in Shanghai.

Earth 1 it seems Commander Stephan. 🛸

Let’s just call it The Viper Room. Knowing who Buffalo Bill was now. Uncle Danny.

What about Game Of Thrones.

What about what turned out to be the scariest night of my life.

Me paying Corsica right now seems outrageous.

I just broke down in front of Bladerunner I don’t know why they do these things.

They seem to stalk each other through Uncle Cal.

Hahahahahahaha Paul Turned The Tables On That Indian He Tried To Help And Called Him Leo Rojas. Tell Jai.

I gave Them Nagasaki and Vanilla Hiroshima.

I like Bank Of America’s Asprin Prank in the 1960’s It Was Near Pine Ridge.

What’s My New Deal With 1980 In There.

So then perhaps The Living Tree. 🌳

More Apples For The Alien Queen?

So I’ll just “Tag” Maria Contraras.

And Then I’ll Just Have Work On Stretching Out The Reach On The Multiverse And Omniverse Project. ✨

I’m Russian within my Ido Portal.

The Skinwalkers literally feel their hosts pain. 💅

I’m Thinking Canada Never Had Television.

Guys, I’m in Tin Pan Alley.

Jackie Chan in 1998 a Real Movie in China. AND WE’RE AT WAR LIKE MY COUSIN SAID. #He’s Mummified.

Oh My God. Amazon Store Has Original Cartridges.

Adam from Adam And Eve Is Forgiving Stanley Kubrick.

And Ninja From Sports. ⚜️

What about Alice In Chains? ⚜️

If India Is At The Bottom Of Hell They Can’t Be Nude Up Here.

I didn’t write this story. Must be The Tea Room.

We have to hold onto Backdraft because Venus has the most Precious Metals I’m never wrong about these things. Ask Dr. Tapper.

Not Everything is Limbo it was Kidz Bop.

It’s still Lycanthropy Every 500 Years I don’t care if they had Black Friday at Clover.

They Sent Out A Disk And I Intercepted It. While Working On The Barometer.

If your boy has Nintendo Game Cube that just means Consumer Confidence is high.

Then Ah So at Laser Tag…and then Bryan Looking For The Phoenix File.

So Limbo must be getting Leveled Down.

Well There were Billions Of Years before 1980. And Regarding 1980…Axa was Real.

What about Troy Polamalu.

What’s the Deal With Shane?

What if Limbo Lasts Forever.

Then don’t be Indian.

Look It’s Danny Duncan. I mean Star Lord who watches Porno.

Paul Do You Want To Watch The Corpse Bride With Me?


Ugh between that and The Tea Room they want A Return To Glasnost Then.

I mean if Gangreail from Pro Wrestling was in Kidz Bop. Wait until you see Pokemon.

Something About A Star Wars Prequel I Heard On The Radio.

But then Howard Stern Just Piles On The Lies About Being Approached By Steve Jobs regarding a Venture after Cannibal Holocaust. And He Got Gay As His Second Self.

Then yea they’re all from Guangzhou I told them. And then Hesse if it didn’t work out.

Well if The Blue Meanie was one person that means Wresting Is Fake.

So If I draw a line down from Chainlink to Polkadot to my Sesame Street Litograph back up to Duke.

That means I’m gettin good to it

Do You Realize How Good This Feels If We Were Father Son. Not when I saw Fredrick being Super Mean To His Phones Artificial Intelligence Before This..

There’s No Mothman Prophecies If He Doesn’t Think I’m Bringing The Hell Too Same With Vorhees!


Joey Diaz was a Virgo and the Red Rose Iced Tea Incident was realistically real.

What’s the deal with how much Weiss’ Is Helping Us Out?


In so in 1986 they being 1980 who were shunned took it too far with an Atomic Bomb.

So after that The Earth Lost Atmosphere?

Why isn’t Edith going for my Lyrical Lemonade Opening She Wants A Man.

Must Have Been Those 40 Shunned Geeks they made deals with.

What is Scottie Pippen some sort of Daft Punk…

No I Care. Eternally.

Never Created Anything For Yourselves it’s got to be Abundant.

But then once they Float Up To Outer Space; They Catch Fire only to be returned by The Phoenix File.

But to me…;having been Around The World…what’s been most Unreal is Alaska to me since Cannibal Holocaust first dropped, it ain’t Jack London anymore; but it ain’t not I don’t even know ya’ll, it’s like seek and ye shall find, ya know.

Since Then Korea Lost Onis, Benjamin Button, Logan Couture, Star Trek Eternal, And Their Sport Wagon…

But it’s Eternal Damnation not Hell Lasts For An Eternity.

Accent Seasoning.

Oh he picked up on one Ring enjoy 04.

He’s from 1980 let try and turn him on.

Let’s see what happens.

OH! Minecraft is Lit though Minecraft is Lit though.


Of course that’s David Copperfield in Las Vegas in 1988, but in the time of planning I chose KSI as my New Future Black then I found out he came from a real long time ago and so did Aziz Hayne. Who he pushed off a Cliff because he was Really Bryan The Mayan. So now I’ve Invested in a Silver Mine in Argentina.

Now after all these years because of Bryan The Mayan Two Hatred Became One Hatred Because I Stopped By His Office And Thought He Wasn’t That Bad Looking. Plus he had to ReWrite The Godfather. Giuseppe Scene. In 1987 as Things Fell Apart All Around Him and He Didn’t Know What To Do. Then Everybody Ran Away To And Got Leveled Down. And Now I Hate India Because Of The Tea Room. To Help India Conform To Blockchain And Then As A Bonus I Could Take A Trip There.

And of course you’ve heard of Limbo but so did Amedeaus…

Things have gotten so bad with Laura Derne they can’t pay Avitars Legal Fees.

No I’ve never heard of Welfare or Social Security.

Act Gay Be Gay.

Black men don’t provide for their families.

In a Shriveled Nutshell I was in Broadcasting School out of Pocket when Y2J logged into the Deftones White Pony Release Party and The Market Stock Market Crashed; Then I had a Staid Nationally Syndicated Radio Show. #JimBushi 🤣

It’s An Odd Tale As To Why India Is Shaped Like That.

I don’t want to get gay I just want to be bad. Great Going Graham. 📉

I’m glad T-Series is in Hell.

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