This Prequel To Star Wars Looks Dope. πŸ‘ˆ

Then Rob Van Damme is when we knew that it was all good.

The Three To The Six Represents Getting Brain Which Means Getting It Sucked At Philly Rock.

That’s Child’s Play Compared To The Webbed Shoes I Wore As Ty Regarding The Star Wars Prequel.

Then I’m About To Make Dr. Fauchi’s Ale More Tra.


That’s Dope.

Including Copper.


Uncle Brian spoke of Turk inside of Batman Gay who had a California Car Culture Body. ⚜️

You don’t think Colgate will get us the deal.

Not Even Alex Jones Needed That Liberty As A Kid.

You Know That’s Right. ✌️πŸ§₯🦚

III World Wars Was In Between.

Nepal needs The Iron Throne.

Vishay admitted something. πŸ“Ί

Who Liberty.

Marty was in Poland at The Beginning.

Word Is Bond, if that’s Game Of Thrones.

That’s dope.

That’s Dope.

The only Movie a guy like me who was a Printing Machinest knows is they would move bad prisoners from one Prison to Another. πŸ₯ƒ

That’s Dope.

I have something for Pop Pop as well. 🎁

Dragon Lore doesn’t even feel British. πŸ‡²πŸ‡΄

We should offer them a piece of the action.

That’s Dope.πŸ‘ˆ

There’s a dopeness to Spain where the Bravo overtakes a man’s senses. And carries over to an Undefeated Dolphins Season!!!!!!!

That’s Child’s Play.

No I Don’t Think 3M Punk From WWE Wants Alcoa To Do Bueno. ☘️

The Future was now back in 1980 that’s my issue.

Rodney’s On The Five Now if you’re reading this from real far away.

What About Tony Chila The Original.

Uncle Brian went to Columbia. 🎭

What About Uncle Brian Where’s He From.

Phil Jaurigue Went To Notre Dame According To Word Is Bond. πŸ“»

It’s Uncle Brian.

So Then in 1980 Han said something about Anne Frank who was already leveled down before that same day.

No I’m Certain Indians Invented Skinny Dipping.

From what I remember for Africa’s sake becuase they never left Africa it was a Bulls Jersey with K-Swiss.

Cousin Joseph ain’t texting me to watch Army Of The Dead On Netflix.

Melina wants to DJ More Than Anything!

Melina Is Making My Parlor Feel Less Like Uncle Brian.

Cactus Jack is with Sebastian Janikowski having the time of his life.

So does McDonald’s Teaming Up With Rob Zombie To Make Rodney’s Twitter Available On iTunes.

The Time Has Come For The Monkey King And The Real Casinos This Time. ⚜️

They must have been leveled down.

88% Of Guys Got Gay.

Actually paying with a Bitcoin Hard Wallet for Uber.

Then it’s time for The Monkey King. γŠ™οΈ

Dude Vishay must have heard about That Miami Building Collapse, same with Harasta, after being Obama in 1987 just walking in there like that after G.W.B.

Aaron is with Tre.

For The World’s Biggest Sex Party. πŸ‡

Scott can eat shit at Harasta’s Pay Per View.

It’s Still Trifilin’ about Jordan.

When Should They Start Being Trifilin’ If Blacks Never Left Africa.

Blacks aren’t even that good in the WWE.


Jimmy Barnes Doesn’t Need This Right Now

Tyler must be in there with Han From Bruce Lee before Han Fingered Cousin Maria.

Aliens Ate Steve-O.

That means Steve-O was Leveled Down. πŸ›ΈπŸ—Ό

I’m Xi.

I’m gonna be checking out this Boiling Process.

Damien sent me Naan Is An Indian Flatbread.

Then Gordon Ramsay was John Benet Ramsay. 🎨

Han was Carrano. ⚜️
Han Was Carrano. ⚜️

I’m Stuck Inside Of Phil Donahue Help!

Aliens Are Cool With Me; And; Them.

You Don’t Think We Know CCP Inside Of Backdraft. πŸ”’

Joe Rogan might pass away someday.

I’m beginning to think so.


Carol Worx.

It’s Something I Keep On Thinking About.

That Can Help Your Case.

Also this Cave Brewery near the district where I was Born.

A Cave Brewery…

Barak Hussain Obama. Weilder Of The Gladius Something Else I’ve been thinking about for a Really Long Time. My Microsoft Surface Laptop Computer tells me you met with Jake The Snake Roberts near my R.E.I.T.

Danny G. The Time Has Come. Let Xi Wish He Never Met Us Forever. I’ll never forget about your secret assignment and keep thinking about it until Bubbalicious. And Pirates keep punching Karate Sticks near The Jade.

But Tigers Are Attracted To Jade And We Fucked The Patent Which Means We All Won’t Get To Participate In The First Invention From School after Cthulu or Make Pauls School.

Twisting And Turning You’re Feeling The Burning You’re Breaking The Girl. 🎢 #Then It Became Like Kim Kardashian. Of Course.

Have you ever wanted to be seen by somebody So Bad even if they’re Working.

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