This Prequel To Star Wars Looks Dope. ðŸ‘ˆ

What is this in Limerick PA.

Somebody somewhere might be getting sad during Darth Vaders Oil Spill.

It’s Coming Across Too 88Rising.

It’s Coming Across Exactly As I Planned.

When Should They Start.

We go by the name Obama Fingers Constitutionally Of Course.


Jimmy Barnes Doesn’t Need This Right Now

Marcus must be some sort of a Faggot from Poland who lived for Free since 1980.

Bring in the Aliens for Maicie Williams And Her Stalker.

Jae must be helping Bob Fetty.

I’m Xi.

I’m gonna be checking out this Boiling Process.

Damien sent me Naan Is An Indian Flatbread.

Then Gordon Ramsay was John Benet Ramsay. 🎨

Han was Carrano. ⚜️
Han Was Carrano. ⚜️

I’m Stuck Inside Of Phil Donahue Help!

Aliens Are Cool With Me; And; Them.

You Don’t Think We Know CCP Inside Of Backdraft. 🔒

Joe Rogan might pass away someday.

I’m beginning to think so.


Carol Worx.

It’s Something I Keep On Thinking About.

That Can Help Your Case.

Also this Cave Brewery near the district where I was Born.

A Cave Brewery…

Barak Hussain Obama. Weilder Of The Gladius Something Else I’ve been thinking about for a Really Long Time. My Microsoft Surface Laptop Computer tells me you met with Jake The Snake Roberts near my R.E.I.T.

Danny G. The Time Has Come. Let Xi Wish He Never Met Us Forever. I’ll never forget about your secret assignment and keep thinking about it until Bubbalicious. And Pirates keep punching Karate Sticks near The Jade.

But Tigers Are Attracted To Jade And We Fucked The Patent Which Means We All Won’t Get To Participate In The First Invention From School after Cthulu or Make Pauls School.

Twisting And Turning You’re Feeling The Burning You’re Breaking The Girl. 🎶 #Then It Became Like Kim Kardashian. Of Course.

Have you ever wanted to be seen by somebody So Bad even if they’re Working.

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