This Prequel To Star Wars Looks Dope. πŸ‘ˆ

My Fiver Job Looks From Outer Space But Uber makes more than a Pizza Delivery Guy after they went bad.

As The Years Go By They’ll Ask Then Beg The Heavens We’re We Bad? ⚜️

And it all starts with Aunt Ethel.

I’m beginning to think it does.

Trex was present for the Days Of Uncle Cal.

It’s Something I Keep On Thinking About.

That Can Help Your Case.

Also this Cave Brewery near the district where I was Born.

A Cave Brewery…

Barak Hussain Obama. Weilder Of The Gladius Something Else I’ve been thinking about for a Really Long Time. My Microsoft Surface Laptop Computer tells me you met with Jake The Snake Roberts near my R.E.I.T.

Danny G. The Time Has Come. Let Xi Wish He Never Met Us Forever. I’ll never forget about your secret assignment and keep thinking about it until Bubbalicious. And Pirates keep punching Karate Sticks near The Jade.

But Tigers Are Attracted To Jade And We Fucked The Patent Which Means We All Won’t Get To Participate In The First Invention From School after Cthulu or Make Pauls School.

Twisting And Turning You’re Feeling The Burning You’re Breaking The Girl. 🎢 #Then It Became Like Kim Kardashian. Of Course.

Have you ever wanted to be seen by somebody So Bad even if they’re Working.

Me I Vacation in Jackson Hole. πŸŒοΈβ€β™€οΈ

Mans Folly. πŸ…

Jesus Christ Superstar.

But Heidi wanted me to “Beat Stern” when Paul Neilson I mean Jewler Paul didn’t. I should probably share an Indian Story.

Paul seperate the Wheat from the Chaff. πŸ€–

Paul, you don’t think Michael Strahan is The Franchise? Nope.

The World Didn’t Know I Had Plans For Them Drawn Up After Kircher Solar.

The Tea Room. Patents Trademarks The Whole Thing.

So this must a photo from before 1980. Talk about Being In The Dark because of Aunt Ellen.

At Least Boban knows Ethereum puts them Below Noahs Arc Now.


Ain’t enough Shins in China to stop those Clowns. You said it Paul. Be the Man You’ve Always Been While We’re Down Here.

The song is for getting gay so it shows up in their Dreamcatcher.

Make it seem like you’re in the Ghetto.

Charlamagne is gonna have to throw that shade to make Niberu come true.

Imagine weilding A Gladius In Rome.

They get blocked out by the Jaberwocky in 1980.

Limbo should be thankful for their new beginning. βšœοΈ

Walt Disney Co. ⚜️

They’re also Technology Freaks. πŸ§‘β€πŸ”§

Except for The Houston Rockets Church Stadium.

What Brings You Here?

The thing you all saw.

Give The Bankers What They Want P.K. (Yeet)✌️

Ok: The X-Box Unveil Duderonimy. πŸ€

All I know Is I Personally Like Outer Space.

I Guess They’ll Have To Handle The Vedas.

Well I know what Baidu is so I feel better. About the Silver.

Paul Don’t Let Lazarus Become Karl Lagerfeld. OK.

So After Derrick Became Bad. In The One True Year.

What were you trying to hide from Lebanon Anyway?

Paul Read My Books.

Well Buckwheat Died Seems Undernourished.

What was that A Deal In Play Near Somewhere Or????

Les Cyberpunk 2077.

This is truly the way to get the most out of being Leveled Down.

Good I hope you like Bike Paths. #RutgersCamdenCampus #LifePath #LifeChoice #WorldUniversities #StrongUniversities #TroyPolamaluLeveledDown #EndocrineLevel


Anyway Jay.

Red Dawn Landed in Woodbury before Backdraft Getting Leveled Down. Where do you even draw the line? πŸŽ₯

Yea At DOJ.

#RutgersCamden #50G’s Running Back.

What do you have Rome Rumors People There About Flavian?

Faze Rug just surprised Faze Lorraine With $10,000 Of Flavians Money. Now PM Modi And Them Are Leveled Down Below Damien. Plus Damien Is In Cyberpunk 2077 getting the same thing.

They’ve already begun the Body Modifications.

He Hasn’t Gotten The Mantis Blades Installed Yet.

I’m Slam Tracing It Back To 1987.

You Never Created Anything For Yourselves And You Stole My Money At The Tea Room.

I leveled down Turk.

Kircher Solar Power Systems.

Yea some are dead and some are alive in hand pay. βšœοΈ

I’m sure Hockey Sticks have Blossom getting ready behind An Antique Vanity Folder.

Well Steve Aoki was John Lennon what does that have to do with James Hong.

But; I Certainly don’t live in Limbo or Hell I mean Salem. It’s Like The Money Pit with Tom Hanks the Tom Hanks From A Real Long Time Ago. πŸ”₯

So Was Katrina If You Ask The Chu Family.

What’s That.

Paul just you know like The Russian Stock Exchange Again.

Ok Then I’m Saying You All Bought On Margin.

Get Out Of America.

Tell Father Ethan.

Lycanthropy is real but they should not be Condemned. Nor Hunted.

Let me quickly remember.

So Different.

Well The Shinedown Concert Wasn’t Good.

THIS SHOW Should Have 777 Seasons.

Imagine a Private Invitation To My Condominium Association.

I have a New German Ideal On the Debt Billboard. βšœοΈ

Transforming Indias Sovereign Debt Before The Division Bell Deadline. ⚜️

To All The Boys Was ILL Timed That’s All I’LL SAY!

Eva Longoria wasn’t Chinese.

There Is A Limbo In Denver.

It’s about Opie and Anthony and the lies piled on top of the lies.

I just got a call; Prehistoric Blacks used Hill Forts easily colonized.

I mean yea Old Limbo has Rhythm for when they meet you someday. Cthulhu is Too Icy.

I’m just Kidding It’s A Halvening.

It Appears They Were Living For Free Since At Least My Radio Show And It’s A Karma Thing About Pulling Rank On Who Makes The Money In Town.

1980 and Encephalitis.

I mean this Isn’t Pitfall I’m CausaiΓ© and I’ve Seen The New Kong.

At The Tea Room?

Imagine having a Photo Shoot in there.

Looks More Like India Portal To Me. Yea Right.

Ok. Stuff’s Happening, Stuff’s Happening. I PURCHASED A BANK FROM THE 1400’S.

Why would I tell you which one I bought. I wouldn’t.

New York The City Got Nuked By Russia In 1980. Chris Rock was K.G.B.

I’m Leveling Down Limbo. So What; I have The Cannibal HolocaustπŸ”—Eating Raul Double Pack. I’m still the same guy…..

Portal Testing…And Jimmy Go On That One.

I’m thinking about Importing some Promotional Products.

Oh and Close The Blinds on The Predator.

I’m on a Zoom Call.

So He Was Black?

They’re just squeezed out during Jubilee.

There must have been a Bank Robbery in 1980.

The Russians Nuked New York City In 1980.


Well Just Ask Jimmy Barnes and Red Rose Iced Tea.🌹 OH Xi Knows Red Star? So…?


Do I Still Like Steve Miller Band? No. Do I Still Like Limbo? Not In The Biblical Sense.

If Your In Limbo. Which Was My Last Quest. Look At Yourself Like A Figure 8 That Never Gets Completed. So you have to ask yourself a series of questions about Race Relations from 87-89.

He already said It’s Big Under 1980 And you know what I said.

It’s Journaling that Limbo gets turned back at Lazaretto Every Time.

So I’ll See You Guys Never Because You’re Suck Inside Julian Casablancas & The Voidz.

I saw Lazaretto as a Child and She Was Relegated To Mens Glasses. At That Time.

Now, Even Fred Savage knows it’s now all Gucci Mane Ghosts and It’s Bush Bullet Holes. For CamPlaysDat πŸ₯…

It’s not Dade County Yet.

All We Have Now Is Mariana As Grimes World Citizen. (Feat. Joe Pindur) But she disrespected Kali Man before; 1987.

Then I guess I know what we’re waiting for.

I was concerned The New Celebrity High Money Rowan Atkinson Would Need My Help.

Or Fall To The Irish Godfather John Paul II Installed.

Have I Heard Of The Tea Room?

♣️♠️β™₯️♦️ Well I Don’t Want A Japanese Baseball NSF

It seems like it will turn out cool.


Weren’t You Seduced As Bruce Lee? Confront Us At The Deal!

That Star Wars Prequel Looks Dope.


Wannamaker Family.

I’m holding Prime Minister Modi Of India Hostage.

It keeps going away too awkward.

Unfortunately Yesssss.

Howard’s in for a Seductive Treat.

Sounds Like It.

Xi Jinping was Michael Carrano.

Let’s Take His Next Order.

What is she Saimese or in Busan. πŸ•―οΈ

That’s Alright.

Who was in France on March 1st 1980.

No I Mean Before That When Rick Anthony Spent His Last Penny In Monaco.


So Shaka Zulu wasn’t from Philly?

Then I guess you’re just Licking This Out. πŸ‡

But this time they never Created anything for Themselves. Alright Everyone Is Gathered. The Living Tree Is Installed. πŸ‡

But this time He’s Over 3,000 Years Old. πŸ‡

The Funniest Part Is Spain Has The Exact Same Story. ❄️ The Cast From Stranger Things. And The 1980’S Nova Scotia Whistle. AND REALLY THAT’S WHY IT’S LOCKED UP.

Ah Yes. My Nationally Syndicated Radio Show. The Halvening Lasts For An Eternity!

Well then there was Printing Business I Started Using Available Fonts.

Then of course my Solar Business.

And Now Of Course Again, Damien, He’s Aware Of Simply The Twin Towers Were Real. And The Pink Floatilla From Rome. But…we did get Damien Arrested In Hell Before The Empire Strikes Back.

His name’s Damien he doesn’t believe in Windows 98. And you have a Lifepath to Choose; And An Executive Choice To Burn.

So India as Black Jesus in In On The No Electricity And No Boats. After The Queen Victoria Scandal What Are You Silly.🍸

Well it shouldn’t stop them to be Force Fed The Thunderbird Sun Probes to concern Baidu. I suppose you’ll notice Marcus Thul.

Ah Yes and now we Have Dover Corporation Another Crucifixion. Corporation You Do Know The Word Corporation.

No I had a brief exchange with Aliens back in 1987 I remember. And from 1980 to 1986 Humans were in what was known as a Jin.

It was Frugal.

Damien I Want To Show You My Stock Portfolio.

Let’s Just Flatline Hell At 1980. πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ

Well I’m Counting Pizza The Hut As A Newly Reformed Neoconservative in 1987. πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ


So we caught Him Again.

Ok and there’s Marty who really wasn’t that great but originally came from Poland.

The First Part. So I’m Also Going Dipped…Below 1980.πŸ“˜πŸŒƒ

Hi I’m Paul Henry Kircher III And I Made A Lot Of Money On Earth. πŸ“ˆ

I’m Already Ready For Obama To Joke About Atlas 77.

I’m ready to be caught up my sleeve.

And D.C.? Yup!

Maybe Graham Stephans Book Fell Into The Wrong Hands. πŸ”οΈ

Let me Call Him Up before GSK makes Medicine.

What About The Virgin Mary? The Titanic.

But when it comes to the various parties becoming Intertwined.

Mind You I Failed.

Ok Camptown Races Camp David Joe Rogans Turn Of The Century Omnivore Encrypted Double Dunker. πŸŒ™ Then I Guess I’m…

That could be a Cantina.

Oh you woke up in England.


What Year Did That Begin. So Be It.

They’re on a cycle. #TheKardashians

People still long to reach out to me in 1980. That’s one thing I do know. This is A Letter To Ashley From Half Of The Planet Is Mine.

But Yo Yo Yo Stop The Turntables. If you want to make it up to 1980 you gotta know Hans Island isn’t even Close to Easter Island. Good Luck. It’s a Big Universe. An Evolving Universe. 🎩

Trevor Wallace. πŸ’Ή What does that even mean Jay and Silent Bob…

Now that’s how you build a Holy Roman Empire. If you’re Short.

Oh I thought you worked for welfare after Steven Girard. 🧨

Cool…Cartoons are Memes we’re Working Within The Volume. πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² But Why Would The Virgin Mary Herself Have Argued With The Great Mystery Like That. Unless She Was Also Being Leveled Down…

Spindians Hair In The Other Video.!.

India was Black Jesus and Tony Rivera became India and so did Berger.

Ah…Mariana is Still Giving You Cyber Felt?

So yea…cool I’m Loaded Up On Municipal Bonds if anyone ever decides to take The Corpo Path.