1980. ⚜️

Stabbing Anzeo Mambo 8,000,000 Times At The Exact Same Time Doesn’t Mean You Can Be A Ghost In A Victorian Mansion.


I feel like Uncle Brian isn’t even in the world’s biggest sex party in Blur.

Then Obama Got Leveled Down.

Zola must have met Brian Rose who met Bill Gates.


Then Han was Carrano. ⚜️

What do The San Jose Sharks Like.

What About Sesame Street if that’s Obama; When My Hair Is Coated Over Completely Flat.

I never played an all you can eat video game from the beginning of time.

Then Han Was Carrano. 🛸

It’s McDonald’s.

How do I know Hardy isn’t at The German Society Of Pennsylvania Playing Far Cry.

Is that near Tony’s Garage? On Google Maps?

I just like to call it New Japan.

I Was Tim The Tatman

Han was Carrano. ⚜️

Uncle Brian.

Don’t wake up Aunt Annelva.

It is about 1980 and Guys Getting Gay. ⚜️

Get Lambada: The Forbidden Dance Out Of My Fucking House!

get leveled down.

Two’s To Gain When You Name The Plain. ⚜️

I’m going to have to Open Up The Paper to see who has a Las Vegas Residency then.

the sandman adam sandler

That explains about Blacks.

What about Carol.


Uncle Robert is with Laura Derne in Woodbury getting Leveled Down.

Does This Look Like A Bicycle Light That Generates It’s Own Electricity.

They must have jumped off a bridge died, offered to suck off tone vays after death, then a lot of this.

Then Tony Chila the original must have been Chinese.

Who is Annelva was Leveled Down besides a widowed Tri-State Alarm Happy Customer India 7L.

I’m Going To Lock Something. 🔒

It’s time to separate the Wheat from the Chaff.

Beth Be Nimble Beth Be Quick. ⚜️

A 70’s Naan has you being leveled down.

Let’s Charge at The Hotel and watch Aunt Val’s Covid Commercial.

You sure you don’t want to catch that summertime shine with a Bar Back.

Supposedly if it’s a girl it gets puffed out when you spend the night.

Words to be said words to be known.

I like when the Blacks Before Obama had to comb the Desert with that Super Big Afro Pick.

Then Alisha DiTono Must have gotten towards that Interview. 🎙️

Seems Richeous That They Got Leveled Down Inside Of Shapunsk For That 1987 Feeling.

Except it turns out they were bad and not good.


Steve-O might just be Indian; and One Of Many.

Rub A Dub Dub Three Men In A Tub.


Oh Come On.

It Is About Han Was Carrano. ⚜️

I’m French not Irish.

Ty Ivery actually was Trifiling enough to Sacrifice.

Rambo seems like Tommyinit

Uncle Brian.👈

They say it only takes 25 Seconds to style. 🐂

I already know Mr. Beast is going to say he’s in a Chair Shaped Like A Hand And That Inst Even Lava.

Then What.

Then I guess 88% Of Guys Will Have To Imagine Astronaut Ice Cream Dissolving In My Ruby Red Ass.

It turns out you weren’t even lying about that type of stuff.

Not Everyone’s A Millionaire. And we already have him spinning real gay.

Then Joe Pindur was the guy from Korn.

Then Grandpa Al Lewis never had his cock cut.

Who was in France on March 1st 1980.

I feel like Maicie Williams is trying to bypass The Days Of Twiggy for A Heritics Religion.

Because There Ain’t No Halloween Like The Uncle Brian Carol Scream. 🎶

Makes the noises Tyler heard seem Contrite.

The Real Scenario Played Out In 1980. ⚜️

Why would Bill Gates Care About That.

Cousin Joseph ain’t no Cop.

What about his Partner getting Stabbed Over 8,000,000 Times At The Exact Same Time.



Then I guess you’re just Licking This Out. 🍇 Why don’t you Suck It Out in my UnderArmor Embiid’s. And we’ll see who the real athlete is. 🍇

But this time He’s Over 3,000 Years Old. 🍇

The Funniest Part Is Spain Has The Exact Same Story. ❄️ The Cast From Stranger Things. And The 1980’S Nova Scotia Whistle. AND REALLY THAT’S WHY IT’S LOCKED UP.

Ah Yes. My Nationally Syndicated Radio Show. The Halvening Lasts For An Eternity!

Well then there was Printing Business I Started Using Available Fonts.

Then of course my Solar Business.

And Now Of Course Again, Damien, He’s Aware Of Simply The Twin Towers Were Real. And The Pink Floatilla From Rome. But…we did get Damien Arrested In Hell Before The Empire Strikes Back.

His name’s Damien he doesn’t believe in Windows 98. And you have a Lifepath to Choose; And An Executive Choice To Burn.

So India as Black Jesus in In On The No Electricity And No Boats. After The Queen Victoria Scandal What Are You Silly.🍸

Well it shouldn’t stop them to be Force Fed The Thunderbird Sun Probes to concern Baidu. I suppose you’ll notice Marcus Thul.

Ah Yes and now we Have Dover Corporation Another Crucifixion. Corporation You Do Know The Word Corporation.

No I had a brief exchange with Aliens back in 1987 I remember. And from 1980 to 1986 Humans were in what was known as a Jin.

It was Frugal.

Damien I Want To Show You My Stock Portfolio.

Let’s Just Flatline Hell At 1980. 🏌️‍♂️

Well I’m Counting Pizza The Hut As A Newly Reformed Neoconservative in 1987. 🏌️‍♂️


So we caught Him Again.

Ok and there’s Marty who really wasn’t that great but originally came from Poland.

The First Part. So I’m Also Going Dipped…Below 1980.📘🌃

This Prequel To Star Wars Looks Dope. 👈

Something smells funky in Caldor.

Then Han was Carrano. ⚜️

Han was Carrano. ⚜️

Then Back To Vespa It Is. 👹

Don’t Even Be Sayin That.

Just because we hooked up doesn’t mean you’ll get to see my new kitchen.

There’s Something Dope About That.

That Han Was Carrano Then. ⚜️

Han was Carrano. ⚜️

And as native american fashion Dictates.

Russel Means.

Is D.C. Getting Leveled Down? 🍇

We’re Visiting Piss Christ. 🏙️

Stop The Press.

Paw Me Up Taris Blackwood!

It Is About Limbo. ⚜️

I need a world of guys to jerk it off at the exact same time Ferral Aliens Attack. 🛸

It means Chappelle came after Oz as one of the Dopest Shows On Cable.

The Media Brainwashes You To Think That Pay Per View Is Way To Go It Started In 96.

I’m starting to feel like Peter DeFeo was too close to the fireworks. 💋💋💋

Then let’s make Amy as Crazy As A Shit House Rat When She Finds That Dead Body.

Could Be.

What About Unique Monique Williams.

This Prequel To Star Wars Looks Dope. 👈

Are you sure you don’t like Denzel taking a step back so George Lucas will see him.

I’m seeing a link between Maicie Williams from Game Of Thrones and Uncle Brian.

It Means They’ve Been Leveled Down.

Then it was Vishay who started the Blumpkin Rumor.

Don’t even be sayin that.

Before 77 when Aliens and People Lived Side by Side. 🗼


Ty was Haitian not Black like you promised on the shores of Delaware.

Ty or Tyler.

Believe Me It’s CD Projeckt Red.

It is about 1980. ⚜️

Not when comes to Wawa Coffee at JC Penny’s Bond Meeting.

Blacks Never Left Africa Isn’t A Bond Meeting.

That makes Computer Camp exactly what I was thinking of.

What Blur featuring Thomas The Latinx Tank Engine.

That’s it I’m taking my family to Schwenksville.

I’m finally at the point of my life where I want to get gay.

Mail Yourself A Letter From Japan!

We have to get Devon out of the invisible mansion.



Hasn’t anyone done Three Kings The Movie.

Graham Stephan. I saw the Crop Circles.

Why would he be from the Bank I own in Siberia. Where you Overturning The Merchants Table More Than Once?

They Wanted To Be Shoulder To Shoulder.

Sitting on top of The Lava.

She said that India was her Dad?


Then you chose an alternative path to Heaven?

In Rome.

You don’t think Hailee Steinfeld went a Little overboard wanting to use The Transformers like like The Four Seasons?

Laura Derne is making a weird face in my copy of Cyberpunk 2077. Now Hardy VonAuenmueller knows I’m seeing Maicie Williams stupid characters in the iVardensphere.

Yup After Vietnam Dude. Allies and Axis powers pretending to care about what we care about.

Wow this is how it’s being portrayed on the other side of The Great Wall Of China. 📉 Guess they’ll Light Paper Lanterns like In Vietnam Though!

Ah Yes The Halvening.

Russia Nuked New York City In 1979. ⚜️

I can’t wait until Bill Gates tells me that Kip Myers was in The Fast And The Furious.

Sealed to a Crisp.

Then Kidz Bop Came Through For Everybody.

Carlos’ Table Read At The Beginning Of Time Actually Is The Sweetest Taboo.

With who Jimmy Barnes from Jackson Street.

I still believe in 2010 Ty though.

Joe Rogan is getting Leveled Down.

Let me Ponder that for a while.

Dante’s Inferno seemed real to me when I met Danny Duncan on The Gravatron.

Then their things were small at work and they got fired up in The Peking Buffet about Creating The Mace Window Effect. To Preserve The Illusion. ☎️ And Indebt Their 70’s Grandpops. Mace Window was in Snakes On A Plane?

Oh. Just another False Flag from Lazaretto.

Wasn’t he in Backdraft? 🏡

Did you guys see that part where he said “There’s Fire Coming In And Burning Our Bodies.”?

I hope Random eat the ashes.

1980.📈 Oh Man.

Pretty much missing Bruce Panfil right now but I heard Dean Ween runs a Marlin Fishing Business out of there. 🎟️

That reminds me of Chi Fung.

A lot about people being leveled down into your podcast is about managing expectations as you can below this.

You don’t think there’s a Barrister in Oregon that controls it. ✨ The Fates.

Saito! This is both before and after Nintendo when they first started popping off at the lip. I Own USAA Victory Bonds thanks to The New World Order. He’s only one of two who know I caught them in their room trying to dance like that to act American after Tin Pan Alley. Yea he put it on his Sub Reddit.