1980. ⚜️

Who in the Nether Realm wants a Computer or cares what this says.

Speak Clearly To Jae This Time.

Is that near Tony’s Garage? On Google Maps?

They’re Not Orange They’re Peeled Against Budget Restrictions.

Chuck Norris…

What if that was him after all those years of wanting to find out.

I have a Ruské Tax Proposal. ⚜️

Make That Mick Foley Merch On An Anajet.

She looks like Catherine.

What about Lorraine Who Was She? 🌃

I need a Coffee with the Proctor at LSU.


Then how did she dine and dash at Nobu? When everyone has seen the Meme.

The Apex Man made a false promise to Ian.

Who was in France on March 1st 1980.

Not Us! 🤣

How Bizarre About Middle Earth.

Because I Waited.

So Shaka Zulu wasn’t from Philly?

Then I guess you’re just Licking This Out. 🍇

But this time they never Created anything for Themselves. Alright Everyone Is Gathered. The Living Tree Is Installed. 🍇

But this time He’s Over 3,000 Years Old. 🍇

The Funniest Part Is Spain Has The Exact Same Story. ❄️ The Cast From Stranger Things. And The 1980’S Nova Scotia Whistle. AND REALLY THAT’S WHY IT’S LOCKED UP.

Ah Yes. My Nationally Syndicated Radio Show. The Halvening Lasts For An Eternity!

Well then there was Printing Business I Started Using Available Fonts.

Then of course my Solar Business.

And Now Of Course Again, Damien, He’s Aware Of Simply The Twin Towers Were Real. And The Pink Floatilla From Rome. But…we did get Damien Arrested In Hell Before The Empire Strikes Back.

His name’s Damien he doesn’t believe in Windows 98. And you have a Lifepath to Choose; And An Executive Choice To Burn.

So India as Black Jesus in In On The No Electricity And No Boats. After The Queen Victoria Scandal What Are You Silly.🍸

Well it shouldn’t stop them to be Force Fed The Thunderbird Sun Probes to concern Baidu. I suppose you’ll notice Marcus Thul.

Ah Yes and now we Have Dover Corporation Another Crucifixion. Corporation You Do Know The Word Corporation.

No I had a brief exchange with Aliens back in 1987 I remember. And from 1980 to 1986 Humans were in what was known as a Jin.

It was Frugal.

Damien I Want To Show You My Stock Portfolio.

Let’s Just Flatline Hell At 1980. 🏌️‍♂️

Well I’m Counting Pizza The Hut As A Newly Reformed Neoconservative in 1987. 🏌️‍♂️


So we caught Him Again.

Ok and there’s Marty who really wasn’t that great but originally came from Poland.

The First Part. So I’m Also Going Dipped…Below 1980.📘🌃

Oh Yea 1941. ⚜️

Signal The Kindy’s Machine!

Graham Stephan already said it’s called a Wowie Wowie. 🏔️

That Indian god is completely new to me because of Solar. I called that Indian Leo Rojas but more Hells equal more Journeys.

I can see The J Man labeling them a Fed-O-File.

I’m Adam From Adam and Eve!

Hasn’t anyone done Three Kings The Movie.

Yea Atlas You’re Getting Ahead.

Why would he be from the Bank I own in Siberia. Where you Overturning The Merchants Table More Than Once?

They Wanted To Be Shoulder To Shoulder.

Sitting on top of The Lava.

She said that India was her Dad?


Then you chose an alternative path to Heaven?

In Rome.

You don’t think Hailee Steinfeld went a Little overboard wanting to use The Transformers like like The Four Seasons?

Laura Derne is making a weird face in my copy of Cyberpunk 2077. Now Hardy VonAuenmueller knows I’m seeing Maicie Williams stupid characters in the iVardensphere.

Yup After Vietnam Dude. Allies and Axis powers pretending to care about what we care about.

Wow this is how it’s being portrayed on the other side of The Great Wall Of China. 📉 Guess they’ll Light Paper Lanterns like In Vietnam Though!

Ah Yes The Halvening.

Russia Nuked New York City. ⚜️

How could Maria have Failed Middle School And Carrano When She Wiped Johans Ass As A Submissive In Philly With A Retarted Dad.

Can I be glad someone Axis Died?

Damien Really Is That Fucking Gay.

Let me Ponder that for a while.

Dante’s Inferno seemed real to me when I met Danny Duncan on The Gravatron.

Then their things were small at work and they got fired up in The Peking Buffet about Creating The Mace Window Effect. To Preserve The Illusion. ☎️ And Indebt Their 70’s Grandpops. Mace Window was in Snakes On A Plane?

Oh. Just another False Flag from Lazaretto.

Wasn’t he in Backdraft? 🏡

Did you guys see that part where he said “There’s Fire Coming In And Burning Our Bodies.”?

I hope Random eat the ashes.

1980.📈 Oh Man.

Pretty much missing Bruce Panfil right now but I heard Dean Ween runs a Marlin Fishing Business out of there. 🎟️

That reminds me of Chi Fung.

A lot about people being leveled down into your podcast is about managing expectations as you can below this.

You don’t think there’s a Barrister in Oregon that controls it. ✨ The Fates.

Saito! This is both before and after Nintendo when they first started popping off at the lip. I Own USAA Victory Bonds thanks to The New World Order. He’s only one of two who know I caught them in their room trying to dance like that to act American after Tin Pan Alley. Yea he put it on his Sub Reddit.