What kind of clothes would Sachel Page would’ve wear.

Speaking Of Medusa how about Steve wanting to be The Japanese Caligula.

It usually starts with Mana. I even have the time noted.

There must have been a Bank Robbery in 1980.

London Real Seems Cool.

Joe The Cave Troll was Definitely there more than 500 Years.

Well Just Ask Jimmy Barnes and Red Rose Iced Tea.🌹 OH Xi Knows Red Star? So…?


Do I Still Like Steve Miller Band? No. Do I Still Like Limbo? Not In The Biblical Sense.

If Your In Limbo. Which Was My Last Quest. Look At Yourself Like A Figure 8 That Never Gets Completed. So you have to ask yourself a series of questions about Race Relations from 87-89.

He already said It’s Big Under 1980 And you know what I said.

It’s Journaling that Limbo gets turned back at Lazaretto Every Time.

So I’ll See You Guys Never Because You’re Suck Inside Julian Casablancas & The Voidz.

I saw Lazaretto as a Child and She Was Relegated To Mens Glasses. At That Time.

Now, Even Fred Savage knows it’s now all Gucci Mane Ghosts and It’s Bush Bullet Holes. For CamPlaysDat 🥅

It’s not Dade County Yet.

All We Have Now Is Mariana As Grimes World Citizen. (Feat. Joe Pindur) But she disrespected Kali Man before; 1987.

Then I guess I know what we’re waiting for.

I was concerned The New Celebrity High Money Rowan Atkinson Would Need My Help.

Or Fall To The Irish Godfather John Paul II Installed.

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