Oh My God It’s Air B.N.B.

Well watch how damp it gets in New Britainia.

Well I prefer him as a denzien of the Apache underneath Rte. 44.

And Paola, well she was like the second half of Ethan Klein. I Killed Them As Boaz.

His weak lame and gay Antenna needed to be known as Howard Stern and she needed to be that mysterious type of person. Ask Ed.

Oh man The Vision Quest I was just grabbing for my iPad Air.

Which means I decided Limbo is real and people can change and I need 14 Years.

That is how gay that Chris became when nobody cared who he was anymore.

Also these Crystal Skulls will show you the world went back to venting with beyond what was foretold.

So hold on to who’ve you’ve become until 6G Speeds. On Atlas. No Movie was Real it’s a few steps before Joji.

I just don’t understand why they would want to be charged for things they didn’t do.


Nope I don’t live on Atlas it’s worse than I thought.

And they took it to 4×4 in Denmark at The Inception. So now’s a good time to not ask why; Panama.

So just ask Sal haven’t you ever wanted To?

Or just ask Sal like Paola of the Highway haven’t you even wished we were your Dad?

I don’t know what God does.

Sure you can mix the Xi Effect.

Sure they ran away from home in 1987 so feel up there.

Actually The Halvening happened just in time for the clothes to fall off your back, reminds me of Avian Flu when we were just starting to make it a one way type of a life.

Alright Alright I’m calling Pharoahs Castle on Limbo.🌹Mr. & Mrs. Bryan.

It will be funny until they want a car.

Did Jew Pay Da Supermarket With Da Bank Check.

It’s Confucianism you go through infinite embarassing and very real hells and then everything is back to normal when we hook up again. When I’m ready.

Uh yeah let’s start CBS went out of business in 1931 Ms. Thing.

I can’t invite you to Corsica.

I’m holding a Duracel next to this to Joji and the other thing and it’s Up.

Guys the one I like the most wasn’t choosing you.

I waited too long to try and find them again.

Guys it’s Carlos he switched teams after they agreed to be Vestial Virgins. Calm down this Toyota Supra is only $50,000. Unclaimed.

I’m Ricky Berwick.

I’m just God again and I’m here with my Grandpop before you take him to Court for working before I was born. He worked for Boeing why is it Happening. 🛫👨‍✈️

I’m seeing something that just isn’t the real me and I’m starting to get embarassed for them.

Lol it’s them just trying to bring me in for a Magic Finger and they can’t do it. I mean yea she said she’d pour Hidden Valley Ranch on it let’s hope so.

It’s Atlas it’s the only Short Way.📘

They must have agreed to do it before they even met me I want to see this shit play out.

Well I bought a share of Navient I hope that will help you do work.

Shit you think you’re still gonna tell me I’m in Hansel & Gretel as a kid.

And then eat your boogie in front of me Nah it’s not 1988 it’s 2020.

And even though your Married with no kids and it was the kind with the brown grain I don’t care.

And if Hardy pushed it down just to keep you guys from getting in trouble then we’re winning. He had his foot up on a Chair and sent it down to the Birth Mother of Saddam Hussain.👎

And he’s been my friend since 1988 since before your big Install Job for everyone. Yup England.

And yea Anon wants Jimmys Bone Marrow.

They looked that way the first time and gave you everything.

British Invasion. Danish Crossover. Hot Cross Buns. 🇬🇧

Chinese Bloopers And Practical Jokes.🇨🇳

Something about The Color Me Badd not working out for all The Fifty Families.

Da Rest Can Meet The Two Best.

I told them not to Chevy Toy me.

So then we met before Christ.

Pokimon sure then it’s another Omen then.

Guys I’m in Chester Pennsylvania it’s 1983 and yes I want the Walt Whitman Bridge to work ok but I have to work with Uncle Danny on Painting The Hall. New Hope is still updating.