The Mayan Apocalypse Was In 2012.

What’s so unique about 1980.

But what’s the ambition?

Only Keanu Reeves Would Know That Freelander.

It was their choice to live inside The Matrix.

Fredrick got put under Noahs Arc as the real Chavo Guerrero.

But to live inside The Matrix is yea Steve Aoki Lives Inside The Matrix. He’s Like A Guide In There.

To Live Inside The Matrix Is An Evolution.

It’s sort of an evolution.

Internet Was The Protocol.

I almost forgot about Noahs Arc.

Oh…The Forbidden Door.

I think there’s more to it Mike Tyson might be onto something.

You Never Created Anything For Yourselves.

But I want to hear about the Mysteries of Dukes Deal out of Philadelphia right before The Mayan Apocalypse.

I call that Lemon Drop of Time.

A Lot.

I mean I own ING long in my portfolio And Turned The Virgin Mary Into An Ice Cream Cake. You Had That.

Well…Upper Middle Class Did.


Now it’s about Mikey Chen as Jackie Chan. He seems good but I hate his guts. But Why Who Am I?

And anything regarding Airports after 1968 and Career Oriented People.

What the Hell is going on with Busan. I mean Valterra. Laura. I mean Valterra.

Why can’t I just be happy for someone.

Now Shifting Gears.


And I’m Right. In Questioning AliPays Sense Of Loyalty…In Belly Bloat as Currency?

We Know Jar Jar Binks and Dax and Kidz Bop and The Dobre Twins and Marshmallow and The Tea Room so you’re Lying About 1980.

Ashes Owe Me Money.

Frankly there was an attack on Mt. Zion last night.

Joe Rogan was in on one of his earliest deals and started Falling Through The Apocolypse.

Pandora by Busan.

#Glastnost See it through Mr. Rogers eyes for all I fucking care you Deadbeat. He was born in The Real World As Chine. And I’m Chino. And he sought American Justice.

After Chino Marino.

I need Lazaretto as The Tampa Bay Aristocrats Just Look See And Feel Skin Like The Real Alexander Costa He Wants Earth Someday Or Any Earth Would Do.

I’ll keep an eye on The Alexandrian Flame.

I must have Annihilated Them In A Holy War I Don’t See Anything.

In 1980 they thought they could be The Illuminati. My Granmom as Dr. Spock…

We’ll start again with Bubba…

They can Be Seen.

Kircher Solar Until You’re Babylon And Not India.

What came before the 1500’s? God.

The girl Tyler was with was just the Tip Of The Iceberg of the Lowest Common Denenomator.

Big Lots.

🎶 This will always be Dover Corporation. 🎶 Amazon Prime. Fairweather Prime.

Turns out Tyler was Keegan Michael Key then he immediately split from Jordan Peele and Got Gay with Danny Duncan in Mad Max while I was still in my Parlor.

Remember when Marcus threw that Boomerang and cut off Vinnys Fingertips.

Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God.

I just want to see what happens when they get Leveled Down inside of The Quarry. #Now

People thought I was going to say it’s Time For Kids To Take Over Now but it’s about Russia dropping a Nuclear Bomb on New York City.

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