I guess in 2012 they got leveled down because they discarded Math. ⚜️

Even Gilgamesh knows it’s Fire that dispells evil spirits. ⚜️

I guess I’m Mennonite.

Not from new Uncle Calvin.

Ellen Degeneres Flew To Italy And Nothing Was There. ⚜️

Alright we were from Japan and I tried to be in The Karate Kid.

Grandmom and Grandpop were subtle during the Holidays they didn’t want anyone getting that house.

So to those dead bodies I sent down your river does make you Grandfather. ㊙️


I guess Bryan The Mayan looking for The Phoenix File was funny.

Well now that I know The Chernobyl Disaster was in Limerick Pennsylvania.

Let’s keep their Queen in New York City and Somewhere That’s Run By The Public Trust.

They were a bunch of magic bullet types.

There’s 40 In There Somewhere. 🔥

And We Have Them In Singles. 🔥

People From 1980 are Getting Leveled Down One At A Time Now. 💧

It’s Little Italy in American Limbo. 🌜

Vancouver doesn’t even look that great. ⚜️

El Toro ⚜️

What about Seinfeld. ⚜️ It meant The Silver Zeitgeist.

Philly Insisted They MEET GOD.

So they get Leveled Below The Koran. Dr. Tapper used to call it Firestone.

So then There Really Never Was A Michael Carrano.

Guys Got Train To Busan.

Train To Busan. 🏔️

How long will that take since West World Has Been Seen.

Is this about The Phoenix File?

Truth Is You Should Be Dead To Be In Hell not Heaven.


Be Stern Again.

Paul Fuse Adam And Eve Into One Person Like In Movement Detected.

I’m just going to move this way and that way and wonder if The Tea Room was Bad.

The Ice Man Hof Plays eSports. I thought he seduced you guys to become the Quarry Men.


I feel like things are still happening towards that End.

Shore House.

Ah the Neo Traditional Jewish Counting Strings. 🕵️‍♂️

But I want to hear about the Mysteries of Dukes Deal out of Philadelphia right before The Mayan Apocalypse.


A Lot.

And anything regarding Airports after 1968 and Career Oriented People.

Now Shifting Gears. I think Taz and Graham Stephan were the real bad guy aliens from around 1980.

Ashes Owe Me Money.

Well how about that new Lycanthropy Game regarding Taz and Graham Stephan.

They’ll Be Happy.

Pandora by Busan.

#Glastnost See it through Mr. Rogers eyes.

After Chino Marino.

Eve From 1980 is a Costa because She Was From India.

I’ll keep an eye on The Alexandrian Flame.

I must have Annihilated Them In A Holy War I Don’t See Anything.

In 1980 they thought they could be The Illuminati. My Granmom as Dr. Spock…

Kircher Solar Power Systems.

What came before the 1500’s? God.

I’m reading Great Expectations.

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