What makes 1980 Unique.

What’s the deal with Gal Gadot?

What If We Have A Party…No Parents Allowed! Well I bought Discover Card and Lycanthropy is Befitting Every 500 Years.

No the didn’t use a Dimension Door provided by Graham Stephan.

But I know when times were real that senators ball skin wasn’t indestructible.

What was that Shakespeare Line that Just Came Out?

So Limbo Is Being Leveled Down. OH YEA.

Along the lines of Maicie Williams and Devon Aoki. LET THE GAMES BEGIN…

Marty was Cris Collingsworth.

Then Lets Squish The Bad Guys Below Noahs Arc So Limbo Is More In The Dark Than Completely Leveled Down.

Makes A Lot Of Sense. Besides Damien needs to grow up a little bit according to his Weed Friend.

What about that guy who thought he was in tune with the younger generation?


What’s been Popping Off with Duke Since 2012?

Counting In Laramie to prove to me that Super Glue is Real In 5…4…3…2…1…👉

Duke was a disgrace to Karl Marx in 2012 and so was his State and then The Entire World. 👎

I don’t know it’s just a feeling that I get.

Reed was Ja Za Eel. But it’s Because He Didn’t Want To. He’s Sneaky; Told Tall Tales. Curtailed To The Same People You Tried To Represent.

“Slot machine – Wikipedia” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slot_machine

I’m still working on helping you out of Middle Earth as well.

My Story? Elijah Wood didn’t want Sports. He wanted it cut off. They used to call the French Olympic Glory in 1980 to 1987 and they cut the power supply.

OH MY GOD. I mean yea I did nationality syndicated radio. It’s me. I’m sitting here. Oh My God. If everyone knows Me that means Jesse The Body Ventura was the Governor of California. Oh My God.

Speaking of Joe Rogan at the Bellator in 1971 That Was Him.

Also, Did you ever see the one movie where Elijah Wood made it cool to always have it cut off like that. No Twigs Yarlboroughs Any Of That.

But the fact is it’s extraordinary.


So that means the Chinese are still in there and they expect to be Paid by the same Country they Sold. Yea Baby Yea.

But I consider China The Third Nation behind Japan with their output. Taiwan Semiconductor. John Benne Checked It Out.

I hear his Han say You Guys Check Out Guava Juice. Then Danny Duncan Blew His Brains Out In A Documented Suicide. Then If Want To About The Crown Long Term. I’ve ditched Shane for Dandapani. Yea Baby Yea.

I’ve Ditched Shane for Dandapani and he’s gay got gay and will always be gay. He doesn’t want the Crown in India he wants The Euro. Not Without This Entire Blog.

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