Let’s Flip These Two Cards For Laura Derne.

Roses are Red. Greys are Green.

Something about Black Judas And Being A Pirate.

Then I’m Saying You Bought On Margin.

Getty Images.

I Guess The Lost Boys Concert Series.

That was after the Uncle Jim Buyers Remorse.

I mean John Benne doesn’t do realistic Trident Spins in Aquaman.

Tell Father Ethan.

Lycanthropy is real but he should not be Condemned. Nor Hunted.

Let me quickly remember.

Guys I’m sitting here with Cornelius from Marathon right by Drexel and I want to tell Onis The Light Dispells The Darkness. That’s what we’re saying on The Third Floor.

He’s my Friend from Bacardi.

THIS SHOW Should Have 777 Seasons.

Imagine a Private Invitation To My Condominium Association.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Flip These Two Cards For Laura Derne.

  1. 🎶 Old McDonald Had A Farm, Do Da Do Da, The Camptown Races Five Miles Long All The Do Da Day. 🎶

    Well I guess it’s back to Tim The Tat Man.

    Now I’m Peeling Back The Name And It Says Eddie DeScarro. 📈


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