Meme Dreams Tea Room Team.™️

Now I can let my original real team at Smilie Tines know Laura Derne was trying to live for free and getting Verbally Abusive about The Advertiser way back in 88.

Before Bill Becker taught us both the ropes. 💵

But I wish I could tell Anthony H. from Andulsua Ave. that The Tea Room was bad and I need him to turn back to being good.

But I think the West Coast are Draconian about Mowing Their Lawns I hope Mexico waits to see what happens.

You know who’s cool tho Danny Glover.

To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question.

Or you wanted to live For Free.

I think there’s more Phoenix File before 1980.

Well time to take that dump, I remember that.

Like Joji that Individualist Bitch I’ve been looking for in here since DAY ONE. He’s from Apex Holland.

It’s the Lee Products. From The Epioch Times.

OH MY GOD. Brock Lesnar is Vladimir Putin. 🇺🇲 Who broke The Undertakers unbeaten streak in wrestlemania in front of the entire world.

And there’s a private match going on below them with my own private champion the devil’s in the details and solid snake.

It was true about Starlink. Sorry about The Tea Room Play. You don’t think Brian Christopher’s getting subbed out. Brian Christopher. Gods Perfect. Water Lily?

Oh you thought Obamas Gladius was real so you can be a merchant.

And We’re In Bafta Again.

There are bars you can meet at if this really is Paris now.

I wish you could too if it wasn’t for I Shields Finding The Phoenix File. And Your New Totem.

The Epic Of Gilgamesh by Peter Pringle.

I found an old article I wrote for an almost forgotten former classmate.

23 thoughts on “Meme Dreams Tea Room Team.™️

  1. Marianas gay screams about Dover Corporation.✔️ She tried to copy somebody by even living in Delaware. But we did talk over Coffee about Jesse James Motorcycles and the business side of the game. I guess they switched rooms under the guise of A New Republican Army.


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