The Celestials.

Indians did find Duff from MTV trying to Invent Gunpowder but it was Tobacco. That’s about it.

And if your trying to my friends of Atlas like always to beg Lazaretto to me mean to me, I mean what kind of Freak other that Lazaretto & Sally would admit 40 Guys to the hospital one after the other.

Not Michael Balcewitz.

Just like O.D.B. when we meet in the place if I don’t update this.

All the way to Bethlehem Steel Works.

Looks like Calvin was getting ahead of himself in Rome over the Water.

Who can explain the past again.

There’s a missing bulb in Chicago.

There are a lot of seeds in New Brunswick.

I thought the Greased Rope was in Farming.

But to not to ask the Algonquin. It was my questioning the birth and life of Uncle Charlie. Or Heidi’s new way of Breaking Wind for Slower Lower.

And Sad Sam.

And Laura Microsoft I mean Laura St. Duke who met Maicie.

And soon you’ll want a new song and they found Prince William.

And so is everything else according to St. Patrick so you wanted one?

Well deep in Russia one of them would kill themselves to get up here and leave the others behind.📘

I guess it will take me a real long time to be friends with The Russians again. Limbo wants another Rung. 🌴

Limbo seems alive still.🌴

And so your whitewashed and I killed the Planet 50 times to get here.

You can’t explain to a child why you just do it.

Then I’m a bill collector.

I’ll wait till it’s colder.

Is Calivn still checked into The Temple Of Rhodes.

And then they’res Achilles Heel so it can be Calvin again.

Look. It’s Limbo! A Third Of My Robot Is Rusted.


Oh it’s Xi he came back to life and got gay and then got dropped off The Empire State Building when times were real. So ask Joe Rogan was I a good Emperor. Thank God Anthony is walking up into Nintendo to prove it.

No they were not in Hell in Spongebob

1941. The Jesus ruining everything for everyone thing.

Well I found Jesus lifeline so what.

In 2008 it became a lot like stalkers privileges.

Or let me say to Ryan now that I live here for free do I really like this guy.

Well then Vinny and Russia prefer to be in Hell to make the Earth good again.

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