The Neck thought Cabella’s was cool?

After it closed down in 1987.

He’s Sammy from One Armed Scissor but before you coveted him more than Gold.

Too Bad Sammy has been Shark Bait since the days of the Stuart Little.

But you don’t think Babylon knows what I can BE? CHECK THIS OUT!

Do you know how much Inflation occured since everybody disappeared in 2008. From not paying The Chinese those Hardcore Taxes. So now they can go on their Computers in Ireland because they wanted one.


That’s when Fredrick died?

Then I hope he likes YouTube from now on. I hope Offline T.V. doesn’t mind. Bibles done been written it will have to be.

Well why don’t I just take this coin from Maicies true friend.

Why to sell them a House after I’m appropriately settled.

Yea they’ll have to live offsite because of their original plan to seduce my Father through the Ether.

No I left them with Allah for good Proportion.

Why you don’t think those guys are sapping your avenues just to make it onto the Hobby Horse at The Olympics.

I mean they’ve been gone since 08 what do you expect a Warning.

I mean that’s what The Chinese said he got mad so he’s going to hafe to.

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