Eureka Atlas! This next 3 Weeks seems Sus’d out.

So I guess while you guys are creatin something for me they’re gonna make it seem like they were in somethin.

Oh you don’t want to find Mine after we were all so scared about what might happen next.

I guess since Atlas is a Debtors Prison and Limbo was good, mostly, it’s these Allah Spinoffs that I find most interesting and time reducing. Thank God my Original Grandpops Invested.

Nope it’s Windy. Gotcha.

Now I have 40 guys plus Danny Duncan & Turk just wishing they were Bush? Of Course Not.


And now we know why we met a new Sightseer named Hoagie.

Well we have Small Businesses Up Here You Must Have Bounced A Check.

According to What’s Jerry we must have got a new Space Needle then.

Getty Family Enough? Or you’re Mad now And No.

I guess Bilial where reality doesn’t even exist. You know you want both a girlfriend and to be a part of that.

Or maybe you’re like me, and never really wanted one to begin with. I mean why bother?

I mean we’ve actually seen hoards of butterflies take dumps on you at football practice at my behest that’s your intrinsic value to anything. ever.

And that’s just a Preliminary Evaluation.

It’s difficult to interpret filth or poop or eating poop on a Global Scale as cool and Nordic so I’ll turn to Sherwin on your clock.

One American Express commercial going down! Flip. Flip. Flip. 1980. 💩

It means they get born into a world where they can’t even begin to afford to pay for it. Smokin!

It kind of makes it so they never make it to Bilial. And become a Literal Star.

Just like my old friend Maries “Black” neighbor.

So how about another round of Suaez Of Tooth Be Told For President.🏴‍☠️ Why Not?

Oh you tried to map out my future based on Ghostbusters? Wait until Red Dawn Leftovers. 🦃

Faker You Twerp! He’s gonna need a Venti to massage those Tootsies.

Original Nintendo might help you Walk Up.

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