Just remember Judy Tenuta.

It’s Adams Rib.

Adams Rib was an Emulated Final Confession I took from the Blue Eyed Devil when I was a child and we’re behind schedule.

This might effect my Aunt Ethel who is from Vespa Ireland originally but I’m smart enough to know better.

And yea Cal was An Accountant for Glassboro State back when it was a deal and I just wanted him to see me out there. Knowing how good it can be when Mike ran away.

And if you don’t think Steve helps them move in there to get their feet on the ground through menial jobs you’re crazy.

So it turns out Gene was my friend.

But that false testamony before God was before The Phoenix File.

Good News In it’s now a sin for you to live at home.

And if you don’t like that I bought Big Jim’s Annomaly and I’ll find a place for ya.

For a lot of people it didn’t happen but things are different now.

Is this about my charity banging Marie fresh out tha soon to be Pyramids of Egypt (She’s from India is that Cool?) after my days work before that jazzed up Apocolyptco Scene? Yeaaa. They built it up after the David Copperfield Work Wear.

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